SEPTEMBER BEAUTY FAVORITES (feat. ELF, It Cosmetics, etc.)

It’s SEPTEMBER! One of my favorite months of the yearrrr (probably because I was born on the 13th but whateva) so I figured this was a good time to start a Beauty Favorites. I’m going to keep most of these products affordable and maybe one or two slightly more pricey ones for those of you with a few extra bucks spare if you choose to. So without any further adieu:

  1. ELF HD Powder in Clear: I absolutely love this stuff! It gives a perfectly smooth, matte finish that somehow manages to make you look luminous and matte at the same time. I find it’s a perfect option for setting and/or baking the face (for those of you who don’t know what ‘baking the face’ means, I plan on doing either a tutorial on it or adding it to a Beauty 101 post I have planned). And on top of all that gloriousness, I only shelled out $3 for it.
  2. It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara in Super Black: While this product is more expensive (about $25) I got to try it when in came in my Ipsy bag this month. And I am IN.LOVE. After my Maybelline mascara dried up I’ve been planning on buying another but hadn’t went out and done it yet. Which is a good thing because now I don’t have to. Luckily I was already sporting bare lashes when it came in the mail so I got to try it immediately. One coat left me with super long and thick lashes, two coats left me looking like I was wear falsies (in a good way). So if you have the money I would seriously recommend this product, and for a cheaper option, the travel size is only $12.
  3. Wet ‘N’Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Blind Date: Sooo pretty. I love the maroon lip look for fall but I’m cool toned so the warm tone colors make me look…. not so good. I found this option for 93 cents at Walmart (93 cents!!!!!) and I adore this color. It doesn’t make my teeth look yellow, and it applies very easily- not patchy or streaky. And to up the Fall vibe you can make it matte by using another Sep. Beauty Favorite- the ELF HD Powder. I apply the lipstick like usual then dab the powder over top and it absorbs the silky finish leaving you with a super pretty burgundy matte look. So so pretty.
  4. SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Radiance Face Mask: In the Fall months my combination skin dries flaky and dull. So when I eyed this stuff for $2.50 at wallyworld I decided to give it a shot. Needless to say, later that night my face was freaking glowing. It’s a mud mask that you apply all over and let dry (pretty sure that’s how all mud masks are but just figured i’d mention it). This stuff tingles quite a bit but it’s not overwhelming and is totally worth it in the end. I do want to say that I don’t recommend exfoliating right before use because it irritated me a bit, but I did it again a few days later without exfoliating and it was much better. Oh and my fiancée fawned over how pretty my skin looked both times, he even said that it looked like I didn’t have any blackheads on my nose (which is saying somethin’, trust me). And it smells good which is a plus.
  5. China Glaze Nail Polish in Prey Tell: You want a Fall nail color? Well here ya go. This is such a pretty color. If you only do one coat your left with a sheer wine color that is gorgeous on its own, two coats and you have a bold super dark burgundy color that slays. I would have it on right now actually, if my job wasn’t anti nail polish but my toes are currently this color. I’ve had this for awhile now and usually use it in the Fall and Winter months and I never cease to get complimented. I cannot for the life of me remember how much it was originally, but I got it on sale at Sally’s for about $5.
  6. Covergirl EyeEnhancers in Coffee Shop: This is THE Fall eyeshadow quad. You get a rish espresso brown, a beautiful copper (that I wear year round), a pretty gold, and a matte cream color. I adore using this quad for Fall looks and the copper shade is probably one of my all time favorites (I’m a sucker for copper, it just makes blue eyes pop so much). You can use either all four shades together or just one at a time, it’s really up to you.

And that’s all folks! Try some of these out and let me know what ya think! I tried to make this compilation Fall-friendly and hopefully I did a good job. So if you see one of these gems be sure to snap ’em up because they are Amber&Amethyst approved 🙂


2 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER BEAUTY FAVORITES (feat. ELF, It Cosmetics, etc.)

    1. Awww! Thanks so much I’m so happy you liked them, I will definitely put a tutorial using them all in the next day or so, follow my blog and you’ll see it as soon as I post it 🙂 Thanks for the support!!!


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