How to make your eye color POP!!! (feat. colors for bold, neutral & glam looks)

There’s a reason why they call makeup artists just that. Think about it- contouring is all about creating an illusion with light and shadow, similar to shading with a sketch pencil; blending colors on the eyes or lips is similar to blending like you do with paint; then there’s contrast which is an important element in all the arts, contrasting a masculine top with a feminine blouse in fashion design, and contrasting color in paintings or drawings to create intensity of both the hues being contrasted. That’s what were focusing on today, contrast. Because intensity is what you’re typically looking for in your eye color.

Here is a major key tip in finding a shade that makes your eyes look bolder, more intense, and vibrant. If your eyes are cool tone like blue, green, grey, or violet then warmer shades will contrast and make it look brighter, vice versa with warm toned eyes. Looking at a color wheel can help but after you read the rest of this post that won’t really be necessary 😉

This post is going to have shades that enhance your eye color for bold/bright looks, neutral looks, or glam looks. Also, some tips that are all-inclusive for any eye color to make them stand out 🙂

BLUE EYESblue eye.jpg  BOLD: Orange, yellow, red NEUTRAL: Cocoa, peach, champagne GLAM: Copper, gold, bronze

GREEN EYES green eye.jpg  BOLD:Red, purple, fuchsia NEUTRAL: Taupe, brick, coral GLAM: Bronze, burgundy, copper

 BROWN EYES brown eye.jpg  BOLD: Turquoise, purple, magenta NEUTRAL: navy, lilac, pink  GLAM: Eggplant, gold, rose   NOTE: brown is a neutral so cool and warm tones can compliment, the combination of both cool and warm such as purple make especially bright

HAZEL EYES hazel eye.jpg  I am so so jealous of hazel eyes. They can rock any shade from the green or blue lists for enhancement. Also, a lot of hazel eyes have flecks of yellow so a bright gold shadow can really bring them out.

Buh-Buh-Buh-BONUS TIPS: These can be used with any eye color to make the look more intense and vibrant

  1. Create the illusion of  bigger, wider eyes by lining the waterline with white or ivory pencil liner. This makes the waterline look like it’s just part of the eyeball, therefore making it appear bigger
  2. This is kind of opposite of the last tip, but I promise its benefits are just as eye emboldening. To contrast the eyeball and make it appear brighter and more white (ahem, listen up my fellow smokers) line the water line with an intensely black pencil or kohl liner
  3. Highlight the eyes by I love you :3— my fiancée decided to add to this post and i’m not going to delete it hello everyone ^.^’ <(“)7 —–and again (p.s. that is Kirby) He’s my nerd ❤ Anywayyyyy back to highlighting. Using a very light neutral (i.e. cream, ivory, champagne) shadow with faint shimmer, apply right beneath the brow on the brow bone and in the inner corners. When the light hits these areas it will reflect of the highlight drawing MAJAH attention to your vibrant eyes
  4. Va-va-voom lashes will frame the eyes, again drawing attention to the eyes. Either apply thick, voluminous falsies, or create the look with a good thickening (and lengthening) option, find my recommendation at

And there you have it! I promise you, any of the shades in your eye color category & any of my bonus tips will give your eye color the ultimate pick me up. Pleaseeee try a look with my recommendations and post them in the comments, I would love to see your creations!–Amber



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