A Broke Girl’s Skincare Routine for the Winter Months

Hi!! First off I would like to explain my month hiatus. My fiancé and I share a laptop and awhile back the charger literally (yes literally! proper use of the word!) exploded. Mike went to plug it in and there was a burst of fire. Yeah. So we threw it away and ordered one online, which we paid the extra money for first class shipping. It took forever to get here, like double what it was supposed to. It just kind of sucks because I was really hoping to do some Halloween looks for my blog 😥 But, I plan to use this blog for both beauty and sfx makeup (among other things) so if you’re like me and wish that Halloween lasted all year, keep an eye out and I shall give you your creep fix 🙂

Anywayssss! Back to skin care. I believe that everyone is aware that the key to your foundation and other face makeup looking good is cared for skin. But I have heard of all kinds of different skincare products, many of them costing well over $20. And it confuses the hell out of me. You do NOT have to shell out big bucks for smooth, glowing skin. I’m going to show ya’ll the products I use, NONE of them costing over $10, in fact the only one even close to $10 is multi purpose so you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Cleansing the Skin: You can’t work with dirty skin. Nope nope nope. And while there are plenty of cleansers for $5 or so, I’m a cheapskate so when I saw the White Rain Boutique Collection Makeup Remover and Cleanser for $1 at the Dollar Tree, I was totally down to try it out. And guess what? It totally works. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it has never irritated my skin. So check out the shelves of your Dollar Tree and thank me later 🙂whiteraincleanser

Exfoliating: You don’t have to even by an exfoliator! I’m telling you the truth I promise. This is my tried and true method for exfoliating- Dampen a cotton washcloth with warm water and add a tiny bit of that cleanser. Now massage your dry patches in circular motion with a bit of pressure (don’t scrub your face off!). The texture of the washcloth sloughs off the dead of skin of your face, kinda like a pumice stone does for your feet.washcloth

Moisturizing: Now that you’ve exfoliated and feeling baby smooth it’s time to add some hydration. And again, you don’t have to buy a moisturizer. I have two options here (both natural!), one that you probably already have at home and one that is so multi faceted it is worth spending the money (and that means a lot coming from a cheapskate like me). 1- Vaseline. Yup, you read right, this home staple is perfect for moisturizer. What I like to do is at night before I go to bed I put a good sized glob of Vaseline on my dry areas and let it absorb overnight, and when I wake up my skin is totally hydrated. Even Jennifer Aniston has mentioned using Vaseline and we all know how gorgeous and ageless her skin is. 2- Coconut Oil. It can cost about $7-8 but it is so worth it. It can be used for so many things, in fact I may write a post dedicated to it when I’m done with this one. Like the Vaseline I apply it the night before and let it soak in, but instead of a glob I get barely any on my fingers, just enough to thinly coat. If the idea of applying oil to your face is stressing you out, BREATH! Coconut Oil has antibacterial properties so you don’t need to stress about it causing breakouts. I have used it for YEARS and I have never broken out because of it.

This is my skincare routine and it leaves my skin so smooth that my makeup application looks fabulous. I truly feel like there are a lot of products marketed to us that are so unnecessary. You don’t have to buy products engineered specifically for exfoliation or moisturizing because there are plenty of ways to do it for a fraction of the price. So please try this out and see how it works for you and comment below how beautiful your skin is. Also, keep an eye out for more of my money saving beauty secrets by following my blog (I follow back!) Love ya’ll- Amber


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