Beauty 101- Tips for the Beginner Beauty Guru

The wonderful world of makeup seems quiiiiite intimidating to anyone just getting started. You go online and see all kinds of crazy techniques that may make you feel like you may never reach that skill point (um clown contouring anyone?). But it really isn’t that hard if you’ve had someone whisper some secrets in your ear. So that’s what I plan to do with this post 🙂 I want to give all of you BBGs some helpful info that might make the beauty world seem a bit more approachable. I’m going to give multiple tips for each aspect of the face, beginning withhhhh


  1. HIGHLIGHT THOSE EYES AND GET A GLOW AT THE SAME TIME: Get an instant highlighted look without any fussy contouring and strobing. This tip also gives your eyes some pop. Use a concealer a couple shades lighter than your skin tone and make an upside down triangle under your eyes with it (Note- use this light concealer only for these type things, if you use it for covering a blemish it will just draw attention to it). Now using what you have available (i.e. brush, sponge, good ol’ fingers) and blend it out. This will draw major attention to your eyes and make the face appear really luminous.
  2. PICKING YOUR PERFECT FOUNDATION: While this feat may sound impossible, it’s really not. There are just a couple rules of thumb to follow and you’ll be fine. A) Consider your skin type. If you have dry skin that tends to flake you may want to avoid powder foundations as the powder will emphasize these areas and look very patchy. If your skin is oily powder can give you a nice matte look while liquid foundation may make you seem like an oil slick. B) Don’t match your face!!!! Sounds odd but hear me out. It’s best to match either your neck or your wrist. Here’s why- A lot of the time your body has more color than your face. Sure you may wear SPF but sometimes its unavoidable. So if you get a foundation that is as pale as your face, it’s gonna look pretty strange when your body is sunkissed but your face is ghostly pale.
  3. KNOW YOUR FACE SHAPE- This tip help so muchhhhhh. Depending on your face shape your contour, highlight, even regular old blush application alters. I went years thinking I had a round face but when I finally gave in and tested it out, turns out my jawline is actually quite square. Please do yourself a favor and look this up and determine your face shape because there are all kinds of ways you can enhance your natural features with makeup.
  4. LOOK NATURALLY SUNKISSED (or do an easy contour)- This is kinda like contouring but nowhere near as intimidating when you’re starting out. I do plan on doing a tutorial on contouring soon but I figured this would be better for newbies and you can still achieve the same look. The key to bronzing is to think of here the sun is going to hit your face the most. Those areas are going to get a sunnier look naturally and by doing this you’ll be able to fake it. Areas such as the top of the forehead, the nose, the cheekbones and the chin are all either protruding or at the top where the sun hits. apply bronzer lightly (remember it is always easier to add more later than having to take it off and start over). to these areas, being sure to blend well. Want to attempt a contour/highlight? A little adjustment and some face powder lighter than your foundation can make it super easy. Instead of applying the bronzer on top of cheekbones, apply it right under and blend blend blend. Now add your face powder in the center of your forehead right above the eyebrows, on tops of cheekbones, and opt for it instead of bronzer down the bridge of the nose. now blend any harsh lines and voila! You’re rocking an easy breezy contour.
  5. SETTING/BAKING THE FACE- Now if you’re new to the makeup thing, ‘baking the face’ might sound a little…… disturbing. But I PROMISE that this is a wonderful technique for a flawless finish that lasts ALL. DAY. LONG. All you need after you’ve done your face makeup is some loose translucent powder (ELF HD Powder is a great super cheap otion, see it here SEPTEMBER BEAUTY FAVORITES (feat. ELF, It Cosmetics, etc.) and brush a thick layer on the areas you want to lock in place, let sit for a few minutes then brush off the excess. Drag queens have used this trick for years to keep makeup in place during performances so you know it’s legit.
  6. TAKING CARE OF YOUR SKIN- The key to a flawless application is cared for skin. But wait! Don’t go shell out a ton of money on exfoliators and moisturizers because my post A Broke Girl’s Skincare Routine for the Winter Months shows that you can have flawless skin for hardly any money and also includes one of Jennifer Aniston’s (yeah, THAT ageless goddess) skincare secrets and you will not believe how cheap it is)


  1. MAKE YOUR EYES POP- I’m not going to go in depth here because I’ve already dedicated a whole post to it. Summarized, if your eyes are cool toned, warm colors make them pop and vice versa. Check out my post How to make your eye color POP!!! (feat. colors for bold, neutral & glam looks) for specific shades for every eye color.
  2. GORGEOUS FULL LASHES WITHOUT FALSIES- Between coats of mascara dust translucent powder over your lashes. This builds up the lash giving insane volume that will make people so jealous when they find out they’re your own lashes. This tip has had many people ask me what brand of falsies I’m wearing 😉
  3. PRIME FOR CHEAP- Eyeshadow primer has become a big thing in the makeup world and while there are some great products you can use, you might want to save yourself a few extra bucks with this tip. Prep eyes with concealer to get rid of any discoloration then apply a neutral shadow pencil all over as a base. This gives your eyeshadow something to hold on to and prevents it from fading away
  4. KNOW WHICHCOLOR TO USE WHEN TIGHTLINING- Tightlining is applying liner in the waterline. Sounds simple enough but it is good to know WHICH color to use for different looks. For smoky, sultry, or glamorous looks where you want to contrast your eyes for whiter eyes against a smoky background, black liner is the way to go. For natural, glowy looks where you want your eyes to appear bigger and more doe-like you want to use a white liner. This makes your waterline blend in with your eye, making it appear bigger.


  1. GET FULLER LIPS WITHOUT INJECTIONS- Before you pull a Kylie Jenner give this tip a try. I have teeny tiny lips and have always coveted a fuller pout. What I do is after applying my lip color I dab a lighter shade on the centers of my lips then top those lighter areas with gloss. The light reflecting gloss creates the illusion of fuller lips. Also, there is overdrawing which I plan to do a tutorial on in the near future
  2. SUPER SOFT LIPS- Screw going out and buying a lip scrub and balm. Dampen a clean toothbrush with warm water and gently exfoliate lips with the bristles, then moisturize with a dab of  Vaseline. Once it has absorbed into your lips give your man a kiss and see for yourself 🙂 Also, this makes lipstick application soooo much better because it won’t get flaky and patchy
  3. PREVENT FEATHERING LIPSTICK- No one wants to rock a red lip just to have it melt down their face. To avoid this when you’re done applying, line the color with concealer. This creates a barrier that keeps your color in place
  4. MAKE ANY LIPSTICK MATTE- Have a favorite shade but really want to get on board with the matte trend? No worries, simply lightly dab translucent powder over your lipstick. The powder absorbs the shine of the lipstick for a velvety matte finish

I hope you  beginner beauty gurus enjoyed this compilation of tips and tricks. Be sure to follow my blog and check out my other posts for more in depth techniques, tutorials, reviews, and more. Also, comment below if you have another tip to share or if you would like to see more posts like this. Much love- Amber


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