Beauty $5 and UNDER- The Ultimate List part 1

For those of you rolling your eyes while you slather on $40 lipstick at the thought of using makeup $5 and cheaper please feel free to go somewhere else. And for those of you who rock $40 lipstick when they can but still believe in a good deal, or those of who you, like me, can’t afford to splurge, carry on. I want my blog to be able to reach all people, and help them all. When people blow hundreds of dollars on makeup that is crazy expensive it makes those of us who can’t afford to do so (the majority) feel kinda, well, bummed. Not that I hold it against them. Hell if I could afford it you bet I would be Sephora’s most frequent customer. But it would be nice if cheaper options were more readily discussed instead of buried under the name brands.

That’s why I wanted to compile a list of gems that you may not have heard about. Some I’m sure you have but there will surely be some hidden treasures just for you. I want to make an Ultimate List so I’m going to do it in parts, then eventually post as a whole in categories, that way if you’re running low on a product but can’t afford to spend much butttt still want quality performance, you can just look at the list. You’re future welcome.


  1. ELF HD Pressed Powder in Translucent- Set your makeup and leave your skin looking, and staying, flawless. Also available in Loose Powder form for a couple more bucks. I use this on the daily. You can get it for between $3-6 at Walmart
  2. L.A. Colors Eye-Dorable Palette in Sugar Rush- A variety of 12 different mattes, shimmers, transition shades, crease colors in beautiful nude and rosy nude shades. Was totally blown away on the performance and versatility of this palette. $1 at Family Dollar
  3. Covergirl EyeEnhancers Quad in Coffee Shop- This is my GO TO quad for a variety of tried and true looks that make my  blue eyes freaking glow with brightness, the warm tones are gorgeous and contrast cool toned eyes beautifully. The matte white and chocolate brown shades are perfection for subtle highlighting and depth. The shimmery copper and gold are BEAUTIFUL. Ugh, for real check out some swatches people. Thank me later. $3.93 at Walmart
  4.  Wet n Wild MegaGlo Contour Powder &  MegaGlo Dual Ended Contour Stick- Figured I might as well put them together. I love both of these products for a glowing contour and love that they come in two forms so I can decided between which kind of coverage I want. Powder for $3.93 Stick for $4.68 both at Walmart
  5. ELF Brightening Eyeliner in Black- For $1 I was pretty fuckin’ impressed. Creamy formula makes for an intense black and you can easily make a smoky look or simply glide on the waterline without snagging. $1 at Walmart
  6. NYC City Curls Mascara in Black- Damn, I was surprised by this product. I typically go for Maybelline mascaras but decided to try out a cheaper option when I was hurting for cash. And I got thick, long extra dark lashes. Can’t beat that. $3.48 at Walmart
  7. SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Radiance Mud Mask- My skin looked so beautiful after I used this my fiancé immediately commented without even knowing I had done a mask. It was so smooth and soft I couldn’t stop touching it. Warning, there is an intense tingling sensation but unless you’re super sensitive I wouldn’t stress. It feels like your pores are GONE. $2.50 at Walmart
  8. ELF Smudge Pot in Brownie Points- This is the ONLY cream shadow from the drugtore I have been impressed with. No creasing, fading, or smudging it is gorgeous. I have always hated cream shadow and stumbled upon this at Walmart for $1 and decided to make a low risk purchase. Huge payoff in the end. $1 at Walmart
  9. Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Lash Primer in Committed a Prime-Hell thick AF, long AF lashes please stay while. And they will with this primer. Pair this with your mascara and it will look like you’re wearing falsies without having to worry about them falling off. $4.68 at Walmart
  10. ELF Brushes- As I may as well group them together. There is a huge variety ranging from $1 and up. And they’re damn good quality for being so cheap. Screw buying a pricey set when you can pick the ones you know you’ll use for a fraction of the price. $1-10 at Walmart

Did you like it? I hope so, and if you did (and if you didn’t just cuz ya know support and all that) then like this post and follow my blog Amber&Amethyst. Much love, comment below if you have your own under $5 hidden treasure ~~Amber~~


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