Beauty Swaps & Hacks YOU MUST HEAR ABOUT

Hacks have made everyone’s life easier at some point or another. And when I ever THINK I hear ‘beauty’ and ‘hack’ in the same sentence I’m ON IT. I’ve tried a bunchhhh and some of them are so awesome I use them on a daily basis. Also I wanted to include makeup swaps in this post because I consider them a hack. You know that shitty moment when you’re doing your makeup and you realize you’re out of a product? Well I’m going to give you some temporary solutions for those situations.

  1. Intense Smoky Liner- Cheap kohl liners have a bit of a reputation for being hard to apply and having zero pigment or staying power. Solution? Snatch your lighter and hold the eyeliner in the flame for one Mississippi. Let cool for a few seconds before testing it on your hand. If it isn’t hot anymore, apply. You can thank me for that intense black smoky eye later.
  2. Giving Dried Up Mascara New Life- If I don’t have mascara on with the rest of my makeup I feel like I look like an alien. I don’t know why but I do, I HAVE to have my mascara. So when I discovered this hack a few years ago it was like a dream come true. Take a few (2-3) drops of Visine in your mascara close the lid and shake. When you open the lid swirl the wand around a bit then apply. You’re looking at at least 5 more uses. You’re welcome.
  3. LIPSTICK SWAP- Want to rock a new shade but don’t have the cash to get it? Or are you out of lipstick and need a quick color fix? Take a dab of Vaseline and mix some flakes of eyeshadow or blush (or both idgaf) and mix well. Apply to your lips for dose of color and experiment with stranger colors before buying a lipstick.
  4. DRY SHAMPOO SWAP- Is it just me or when you use your dry shampoo it feels like you have some left then you go the next day to realize you’re out? Well, don’t stress about those greasy strands. Take just a PINCH of baby powder and massage it into your oily roots. Do a little bit at a time, massaging well. You have work a bit more to get it where it isn’t noticeable, but that’s better than looking greasy, right? I’ve used this hack for YEARS.
  5. MAKE ANY LIPSTICK MATTE- Do you love the look of matte lipstick but can’t afford to waste money on beauty in a tube? Or do you have a favorite shade that doesn’t come in a matte formula? This hack is for you. Apply lipstick as usual, the dab translucent powder onto your lips. This absorbs the shine from the lips, making your lips matte AND setting them at the same time.
  6. EYESHADOW SWAP- Forget your palette? It’s not the end of the world. Achieve a glowing, radiant look by applying blush on your lids instead. I feel like this looks really ethereal and I do this quite a bit instead of eyeshadow, for when I want to look a bit more natural.
  7. OVERNIGHT WAVES- I HATE STYLING MY HAIR. And I have naturally wavy/curly hair but when I take a shower at night and go to bed, the next morning I look like the chick off The Grudge. So instead, after I get out of the shower, I braid my hair (nothing fancy, just a normal braid), and go to bed. It dries overnight and when I undo it in the morning I have beautiful waves.
  8. HIGHLIGHTER SWAP- If you’re addicted to glowing like me, then you probably go through quite a bit of highlighter. If you run out and don’t have time or money to run to the store, just get a shimmery ivory or champagne shade eyeshadow and dust on your cheekbones to be illuminated af.
  9. WINGED EYE SIMPLIFIED- Liquid liner is a PAIN IN THE ASS when you’re new to it. Well, it was for me anyway. I was a hot mess on my first attempt. Then I learned this beauty hack. Create teeny dots along your upper lashline and one where you want your wing to end. Then connect the dots with liquid liner. This is SO EASY and once you’ve done it awhile you won’t even need the dots.
  10. MOISTURIZER SWAP- This swap is so damn good that I don’t even buy moisturizer anymore. It is my holy grail. Use Vaseline instead!! It is so so so hydrating and makes me glow! I did a whole post with it and my other skin tricks here A Broke Girl’s Skincare Routine for the Winter Months

I hope these help you! They are all tried and true and have saved my ass MANY times. Please try them out and let me know how it went for you, or be a badass and tell me some hacks to try out because I would SO LOVE THAT. I hope you guys have an amazing day and take care of yourselves. Follow my blog for more posts like this, or don’t it’s whatevaaaa Thanks for reading!! Much Love ~~Amber~~


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