So I kind of had a happy accident today. But before I get there, the backstory of how it came to happen. My broke ass has not been able to afford primer the past few weeks and so I decided to be brave and take a try at making my own. The original recipe called for Aloe Vera Gel, Moisturizer, and Liquid foundation. Well my issues with that were: A- since it’s the colder months the only moisturizer I have is Vaseline B- why put liquid foundation in a primer?? Most primers available are either colorless or just color corrective, plus I am a broke bitch and I don’t need to be wasting foundation on something that might not work. So I was at a fork in the road. Either say fuck it and save up a couple of bucks or work with what I had. So I worked with what I had.

What I did was mix about 1/2 tablespoon of Vaseline and 2 pumps (or a silver dollar sized amount) of Aloe Vera. This made quite a bit extra so I have some leftover for in the morning. I applied an even layer and massaged a little bit (not much just a bit) into the skin. Then I was like ‘damn that feels nice’ so I applied another layer. It is a bit sticky at first, not bad or anything just makes your skin tacky but after it absorbs (took an hour because I put wayyyyyyy too much) your skin feels SO SMOOTH AND HYDRATED AND EFFING AMAZING. I am literally glowing right now. That is why this is my new facial. It works just as good as any facial I’ve tried and I know EXACTLY what went in it. 100% aloe vera and 100% petroleum jelly.

So next, after it had absorbed, it was time to test it as a primer. And I was amazed. My makeup, even the cream formula I’ve been trying out that usually sucks to blend, went on so easy and smooth. Blending was an effortless task, and my skin had a radiance to it before I even went in with highlighter. My tip is to get just barely any on your fingers and add as needed to make sure you don’t overdo it like I did. I don’t think I will ever buy primer again. The reason this DIY is considered free is because it uses to items pretty much everyone already has. And even if you did have to buy the ingredients, you’re looking at $2. And I’m pretty sure that if you combined all of it at once you would have a MASSIVE bottle of primer.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, I know a lot of DIYs and I’m considering making a lot more posts. Would any of you enjoy seeing more? Lemme know in the comments and have an amazing day!! Much Love ~~Amber~~


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