Living in a Haunted House

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I figured this would be the perfect time to open up and talk about my paranormal experiences. Yes, I believe in ghosts. I can’t help but to believe after the experiences I’ve had. Some are going to judge this post and be skeptical. That’s fine, but I know in my heart that these stories are true because they happened to ME. I won’t overdramatize, but I will speak the truth. Judge if you want but for those of you who have had your own experiences maybe give me some input on the situation I’m in currently?

My fiancé and I are currently living at his Gran’s while were saving to move out she was nice enough to offer to let us stay with her until we were able (this was after a disastrous move to Florida then back to Kentucky, losing our little saving in the process). I’ve been to this house multiple times for the 3 years we have been together, and while I did experience small, easily overlooked things in the past, things are getting weirder the longer we stay.

First, a bit of background. This house was originally much smaller and built on a single lot. About 30 years ago my fiancé Mike’s Gran and Papaw bought the property after the house laid empty for awhile when the previous owner died (no idea if he died in the house or not, I need to do a bit of research). Gran and Papaw bought that lot and the one next to it, renovated the old house and built a large expansion with a garage and a living area on top (where were staying). Papaw passed away about 5 years ago (not in the house) and Gran has been living here ever since.

Now the first thing I noticed is the upstairs of the main part of the house. I noticed this years ago, but now that I live here I can’t overlook it. When I walk up the stairs, I get such a feeling of dread, when I walk through the hallway, past the bedrooms of the stairs I feel like I’m being watched. It is so eerie! And I don’t understand why I feel that way. I literally get goosebumps.

On top of that, is the footsteps. The house is older with the renovations having happened 30 years ago so when you walk upstairs you can hear it clearly downstairs. I noticed when we first moved in hearing the ceiling creak as if someone was walking briskly upstairs. I thought to myself that it must be the house settling but it is honestly just not that sound. I’ve lived in old houses many times and I know the difference between settling and footsteps. Sometimes at night, sometimes in the middle of the day. It really spooked me when Gran told me that she’s heard it many times at night when she’s the only one at the house.

Next really freaked me out. I was watching tv in our living area above the garage while Mike was at work, admittedly pretty loud when I went down to the garage to smoke a cigarette. I left the TV on because I knew I would be right back When I first sat down I could hear the TV from upstairs and zoned out until I was done. When I got up I noticed I couldn’t hear the TV anymore but didn’t think much of it until I went upstairs. The TV was off, and when I turned it back on, the volume was down all the way. I know some TVs do that when the power goes out but this TV has never done it before and the power didn’t go out. I even asked Gran if it had just to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

Also, another time I was upstairs watching TV while painting. I was sitting perfectly still when the picture of Jesus propped on some boxes across the room fell with a crash on the floor. It seemed so loud for something to land on carpet and scared the hell out of me. I’m not saying it is some demon or something maybe it was a ghost just trying to get my attention???

This is the most recent ‘happening’ and also the scariest. Mike and I laid down for the night and were cuddled up. My mind was still wide awake so I just laid there for a few minutes with my eyes open facing the wall. Then I heard what sounded exactly like someone coming up the stairs and walking across the floor. I kind of froze, too scared to turn and look but out of the corner of my eye I saw something go into the music room which is adjoined to the bedroom. I immediately shook Mike’s arm and told him there was someone up there with us and he jumped up and turned on the lights. He investigated and there was no one there. I asked him how long we had been laying there and it was just a couple of minutes, he had just started to doze when I shook his arm. When I told Carla, Mike’s mom, what happened her eyes got wide and she told me that the last time she slept up there (before Mike and I moved in) she heard what sounded like someone coming up the stairs and walking on the floor. She had thought it was Kaleb, Mike’s nephew, but he was on the other side of the house. No one was there.

Needless to say, I have been REALLY creeped out lately and refuse to walk through the house alone at night. I’m pretty stationary after nightfall. This is all true and what I have been experiencing the last few months, you don’t have to believe me but you should. Any thoughts guys?!?! Because I don’t want it to get any spookier than it already is. Much Love-Amber


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