Beauty fads I HATE

This is a complete opinion piece, and I don’t mean any disrespect. This is just myself and this fad, not other people. And some are hacks, that have become so popular they’ve become a fad.

  1. Tape for clean lines in eyeshadow. Fuck.This.Hack. I don’t like it. And I know that a lotttt of people love it but I just do not like it. If your even slightly off with the symmetry of your tape it is super obvious and I like a more rounded wing when it comes to shadow (liner however needs to be sharp enough to kill people). And blending the line of the shadow is hard because the residue of the tape sticks to the brush and it just… yeah… no.
  2. ‘Fade’ eyebrows- You know the brow look where it starts by the nose really soft then gets really bold the farther it goes? I do not dig the way this looks on me. I feel like it looks so obvious when they’re drawn like that, and honestly I don’t really like the way super obvious brows are. Filled in brows look really great most of the time but sometimes it just looks wayyyy too obvious.
  3. Strobing- First off, I love highlight and contour. It has amazing results. But I cannot get on the strobing train. I NEED the definition of contour. They way strobing is you exclude the contour and only highlight and it looks beautiful on a lot of people. But I feel like it makes my face look like a shiny, sweaty moon. I don’t dig it.
  4. Undercut- This looks so rad on people and I do think I would like the way this would look on me BUT I just don’t like the idea of it growing out quickly in the sense of the design going away but for foreverrrr to get back to full length. I know you would have to keep it maintained but I am WAY too lazy for that shit. So pass.
  5. Fake eyelashes- Maybe someday I can get on board with this. I would love to be able to wear those lashes but for some damn reason I simply cannot do it. I’ve tried various times with various different brands, glues, and price ranges and I just can’t do it. I don’t know why i’m just incapable or too damn stupid I guess.
  6. Tightlining the upperlashline- FUCK THAT! I struggled enough as a kid getting the concept of tightlining my lower waterline but at least I can see what i’m doing. I will NOT blindly apply liner under those big eyelashes and stabbing myself for a hardly noticeable difference. Just no.

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