The makeup industry is positively huge at this point. The range of colors, formulas, finishes, products in general is insane. So it can be pretty easy to feel overwhelmed and just stick to what you know, right? But fuck that! Where’s the fun in that?? It is MAKEUP people, not tattoos, it can easily be removed. I know it’s scary at first, that’s why I decided to post a few ways to slowly branch out. Because once you find a wild lipstick shade you love on you, you’ll be hooked (trust me that anyone, even me with my teeny tiny lips can pull it off).

  1. Pop of Color- We have all soon the beautiful editorial photo spreads with models wearing out of this world colors on their eyes. But going from safely on the beach to headfirst in the waves can be a drastic shift. A good way to try a bold color on the eyes is to do it subtly. Try using a bold liquid liner to trace the upper edge of your black winged liner, or priming lashes with a white primer then going over with a colorful mascara. One of my favorites is a soft grey eye look with just a touch of color (I like sapphire) along the lower lashline
  2. Stain- I love this little tip because it is what originally opened me up to lipstick. I used to try out wearing lipstick (which I hardly ever did in the past) and then like five minutes later I would feel awkward wearing it (because I am awkward & think people care what color my lips are psssst THEY DON’T) and wipe it off. And I noticed that it would stain my lips a more subtle version of the shade I had on. AND I LIKED IT. And guess who rocks lipstick at the very least once a week? Yup, uh huh, me.
  3. Test the color out- On a day when you know you’re going to be home all day is the perfecttt time to test a color out. And I’m not talking about going out and buying the color and trying it oh no no no, I don’t have money to be wasting on a color I might hate. Instead get an eyeshadow the color that you’re thinking about getting (i.e. plum or sapphire or whatever really) scrape it off into a powder in a little bowl. Put in some Vaseline, mix it up, and try it out. Keep in mind that obviously the formula isn’t going to be up to par with a lipstick but to get an accurate idea of the color, I love this tip (plus it saves you some $$)
  4. DON’T CARE- Look, I live in a small town in the mountains of Kentucky. It seems like if I wore black lipstick out I would probably be burned at the stake.  No matter what you do, wear, say, act WHATEVER people are going to judge. That’s just unfortunately how it is. But you know what? Who cares if that blue haired old lady keeps giving you funny looks? You think you’re gonna care when you look in the mirror and see how fantastic you look? No. Fuck peoples opinions because honestly, no matter what you do someone is not going to like it but all that matters is if YOU like it. If you feel pretty and confident or like a total badass then do what you want!!! I hope you guys liked this post or that maybe it helped or inspired you. Feel free to follow my blog for more posts like this (and other stuff too), I would really appreciate it 🙂 Have a good day ya’ll, Much Love ~~Amber~~

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