Awesome Products for your Man

So my fiancé is not a fussy, high maintenance guy. Thank god, I love that about him. I think I’m high maintenance enough for the both of us. When we met he wore this cologne that was so amazing, he always smells great and lately he’s tried a few things that have smelled and worked so amazing that I just had to share with you guys.

  1. Nivea for Men Active Clean Bodywash (with charcoal)- As women we have heard a LOT about the benefits of charcoal in hygiene. It has popped up in skin products, teeth products, even being infused with makeup sponges for its highly cleansing properties. So not only is my Mike super clean and soft afterwards, he also smells just like a cedar tree. I don’t know about ya’ll but I love the smell of cedar and this stuff is amazing
  2. Old Spice Deodorant in ‘Amber’- Okay, not gonna lie, I totally wanted him to get this the second I saw my name on it. Just keepin’ it real. But when we smelled it we were both sold. It smells so great, it has these woody undertones and even like JUST a touch of vanilla to it it seems like, but not enough to smell feminine. It is such a great smell and it seems to work very well for him
  3. Wit&Wisdom Shaving Cream in ‘Spiced Cedar’- So I’m pretty sure the fact that I am all over him after he uses his cedar scented bodywash prompted him to get this which I LOVE. Ugh, you guys don’t even know how good he smells. But BACK TF UP HE’S MINE (sorry had to throw that out there lmao) anywayssss we picked this up the other day and I even put just a dab on my hand and rubbed it in kinda like lotion and my hand was hella soft. he hasn’t used it yet but I will definitely update when he does.
  4. Equate 5 Blade Disposable Razors for Men- Okay, for those of you as broke as we are, you know the struggle when it comes to razors. THEY ARE EXPENSIVE AS HELL. The refill cartridges for good razors can be up to like $30 and FUCK THAT. It is ridiculous. So we picked these razors the other day and they are awesome. They have such a clean shave to them that I have officially claimed one. It works soooo good.
  5. Suave Naturals Rosemary & Mint Shampoo- Mike really likes herb scents and I knew he was getting tired of my super girly scented shampoos and conditioners. He likes them on me, but for him as a dude not so much. So I got this the other day and he LOVES the smell of it. It’s minty but not like dipped-your=hair-in-listerine minty. And the rosemary smells so good. His hair looks so so shiny after using this.

COLOGNES- My baby has expensive taste in colognes. It’s not because he’s a snob, I literally have tested that theory. I did a blind sniff test a few years ago and he had no idea what was expensive or cheap. And he liked the expensive WAY more than the cheap, in fact I have found only ONE less expensive cologne he likes and that will start this list:

Lucky You for Men by Lucky Brand- Mm mm mmmmm this smells so good and it is the least expensive on this list. You can get a bottle at Walmart for I think $20 and it smells so high end it is crazy. It has a warm woodsy smell to it that is to die for. I love the version for women too

Givenchy Play Cologne- This is the cologne he wore when we first met. And I still get so many memories when I smell it. He sprayed it on the first ever stuffed animal he got me (a tiger we appropriately named Tony) and I would fall asleep at night thinking of him ❤ (sorry if I’m getting cheesy I just love him so much). Anyway this has such a bright, citrus smell but still very masculine I love it on him.

I was gonna list another one but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it. But I hope you guys liked this list and if your man is running low on something I really recommend all of these products. Thanks for reading, I hope ya’ll liked it & HAVE A GOOD DAY Much Love ~~Amber~~


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