The Reason Why the Music Industry will Never Be As Good As It Was Before


We live in a generation of auto tune, fake drum beats, and lip syncing. I’m pretty sure that several readers have also noticed that a LOT of performers aren’t as good live as they are in the studio. That is because the music industry no longer cares if there is talent, as long as you look good and can lip synch while shaking your ass you’re pretty much guaranteed a career.

This is not a hate post and people are more than welcome to listen to whatever music gives them joy or makes them happy. This article is more for the old souls like myself who miss the days of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, etc. where people who were oh so talented-even despite less than stellar looks for some- actually made it big. I would much rather listen to real, genuine music filled with hauntingly beautiful lyrics sang by an unattractive man than a fake, computer enhanced voice sang by a ‘heart throb’.

A lot of people try to shit on my taste in music, calling it old and whiny. I’ve been called a grandma I don’t know how many times for playing bands like The Steve Miller Band & Queen. It irks me but I don’t usually say anything about it. Because they’re the ones missing out. This is the music that gives me joy. I remember listening to these songs on the car radio with my parents and sister while we would take another long ride through the Indiana and then Kentucky backroads just sight seeing and finding places that were fairly nearby but were so hidden that we didn’t even know that they were there. I remember hearing the lyrics to these songs then as a kid and trying to make sense of them, and now as an adult I can relate to almost all of them. These are the songs that have been there to soothe or excite me from the eerie beauty of ‘In The Light’ by Led Zeppelin to the outlaw story of ‘Renegade’ by Styx. People don’t realize that all of this music helped found the music that THEY connect to. They don’t realize the innovation and ahead-of-their-time Pink Floyd. They don’t try to.


I am a firm believer that I was born in the wrong era. The sentimentality of the music, actually writing letters and mailing them, having to make an effort to tell your feelings to the one you love instead of texting an acronym, flipping through the pages of a book instead of scrolling down the single page- life had once been much more romantic. I wish I had lived in a time where talent was more important than the way you look. I know I have idealized these eras and I know that they all had their fair share of problems. But I know, as I listen to another barely clad popstar autotune her way to a Grammy, that I was not meant for this modern era.

Thanks for listening to this vent/rant haha sometimes I get lost in my head when typing a post and it all just comes pouring out, I usually don’t edit much in these cases because you’re pretty much reading the contents of my mind & I think that’s kind of cool 🙂 I hope you guys are having a great day!! And if you want to follow my blog for other posts like this and more then please feel free (shameless plug) Take care of yourselves! Much Love ~~Amber~~


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