So about a week ago I posted a diy I ended up making by accident when trying to make an actual DIY I found on the good ol’ internet. To catch up or see the diy I’m talking about check out DIY FREE 100% NATURAL FACE PRIMER/SKIN TREATMENT. I’ve been using this for about a week straight and OHMYGOD. My skin has been effing glowing, sooo soft, and makeup applies like a dream. I also experimented with another kind of aloe gel and it kind of balled up when applying the mixture on the face but they easily melt away into the skin if you massage them. My face has been more hydrated than it has been in a long time and I cannot get over how makeup goes on.

I had a thicker cream formula stick that was sometimes hard to blend out, but when using it directly on this primer it blends so easily and flawlessly. Ya’ll have got to try it. I was so close to going out and buying a new primer, but I am so glad that I tried this out first. I just wanted to update you guys on how my skin has been doing after a nonstop week of use. If anything changes, for better or worse, I will definitely keep you guys updated. Thanks for reading & have a great day!!! ~~Amber~~


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