BEAUTY 101- Flawless Face Application for Beginners

I know that as a beginner, my biggest struggle was face makeup. Not until the past couple years have I finally gotten it down pat. I thought that it would be really helpful for beginners to have a post to hear all the steps necessary for a beautiful face and flawless skin. Also! I am really considering doing a Beauty Favorites Giveaway where I compile my holy grail products and give it away to one of my readers! If you’re interested in me doing that like this post and comment below ‘do the giveaway’! Thanks for your feedback!


This is the KEY! Your makeup can’t look flawless if the ‘canvas’ it is being applied on is dry and patchy or super oily. That’s why skincare is soooo important. I did an entire post on my super budget friendly skincare routine and products that I swear by here A Broke Girl’s Skincare Routine for the Winter Months. Once your skin is has been properly taken care of it is time to prime. I recently created a DIY primer that I swear by, it has left my skin glowing and hydrated to high heavens check it out here DIY FREE 100% NATURAL FACE PRIMER/SKIN TREATMENT.


There are many different ways to doing your concealer. You can do it before or after foundation. I personally do it before then brighten with it after foundation. I have actually been using a contour sticks highlight shade as a concealer for my undereyes! I’m so pale in the winter months that it has really worked well for me. I love the Wet n Wild MegaGlo DualEnded Contour Stick. To conceal undereyes apply in an upside down triangle shape to not only conceal any discoloration, but to also brighten the area and begin creating the illusion of higher cheekbones.


Oh my my my there are so many foundations to choose from! It is truly best to pay attention to your skin type when picking a foundation. If you have dull skin then dewy and illuminating foundations can give you an amazing glow. If your skin is shine prone then a matte foundation can really hide any super shiny areas. As for picking your shade, don’t ever match foundation to your face!! Always match to either your wrist or neck for a more accurate match.


There are a couple different ways to do it and I am going to tell you RIGHT NOW that using your fingers is NOT the way to go. The oils and bacteria on your fingers can spread all over your face, clogging pores and causing breakouts (no Bueno!). You can use a brush, I highly recommend Elf’s foundation brush, and apply that way. I like brushes for areas that are harder to get to such as the crease of the nose. You can use a sponge, I SWEAR by the RealTechniques sponge. Doing this you dampen the sponge with water and dab (not smear) foundation on. This is my preferred method because it gives such a flawless application and you don’t risk streaking like a brush sometimes does. Make sure to blend any lines and also blend down your neck so that it matches.


Don’t be afraid! Since this is a beginner post I am going to tell you the most basic way to do it. First, decided what you’re going to use. I recommend both the stick and powder formulas by Wet n Wild MegaGlo. I use the light stick or powder to create an upside down triangle under my eyes, a spot on the center of my chin, 3 lines coming up from between my eyebrows and onto my forehead, and in my inner corners of my eyes and right along the tops of my eyebrows. Now blend it out, I prefer a sponge for this. To contour I make a fish face and use the dark stick or powder to draw right beneath my cheekbone and extending unti 1 1/2 inches from my mouth, then along the tops of my forehead, and on my jawline. Less is more! Don’t start out with too much product because you can always add more if needed but will have to start all over if you use too much. Now blend blend blend! And you are officially contoured 🙂


Now that you’re features have been sculpted and defined it is time to enhance them and bring life to your face. Pick your blush, note- any blush with a peachy tone flatters ANY skin tone, I highly recommend Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush in Rose Champagne. Noting your face shape can help you decide where to put your blush. If you have a long face and want to lessen it, applying in the apples of your cheeks can make it appear less long. If you have a square or round face and want to give a more angular look, apply along cheekbones. Again less is more here, you can always add more if needed. And blend blend blend! Blending is key for a flawless finish.


Last is to illuminate your face to give even more depth. I love Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal. Dab along the tops of cheekbones, on your cupids bow and inner your inner corners, and on top and below your brow. Blend blend blend!


Now to lock it in place! After all that work you don’t want it to fade away right? First off you will need translucent powder. I am addicted to Elf’s HD Loose Powder, it really makes it look so smooth and flawless. Dust all over the face. You can also bake it, a drag queen method that has gained popularity for its just about bulletproof results, which is applying a tick layer of powder, letting it sit for a few minutes, then brushing off the excess with a brush. Setting gives you a polished look and prevents the tell tale signs of creasing.

Really the two main factors in getting a great application is skin care and being sure to blend. Having the right shades and using the less is more technique also really help you to avoid mistakes. I hope this helps you guys out and if you want more posts like this follow my blog! I hope you all have an amazing day!! Much Love~~ Amber


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