I haven’t shared much, if any now that I think about it, of my personal art on this site and I figured it was about time. I have a huge love of art stemming from when I was still just 4 years old. My love of drawing on the walls has evolved into drawing, illustrating, makeup, sfx, graphic design, tattoos on and on. I have been designing tattoos for people for years and recently took the plunge and got a tattoo set (thank you to my fiancé Michael Lee Smith for that amazing surprise on my birthday!) I’ve been practicing on oranges and grapefruits ever since and may start one on myself in the near future. All of these are my original artwork and photos!! If stolen I will whoop some ass!! This is taking a bit of bravery on my part because I am always terrified people are going to hate my art. #ArtistProblems Please check out and follow my profile on

Sorry some of the photos suck, I had an awful camera. And now I have no camera, it died a water death the other day.


Blue Ring Octopus by Amber Curtis. This is obviously not finished, it is my most recent project that I have been taking my damn time on. Created with Prismacolor pencils


Apple Tree original photography by Amber Curtis. I took this in Spring 2016 at my fiancé’s parents’ home and loved how it turned out.


Surreality by Amber Curtis. Drew this a few months ago using basic sketch pencils. It was pretty much just a doodle and my camera for some reason made it look blue… but whatever you get the gist.


WildRose&CowSkull by Amber Curtis. This was an original photograph I took that I decided to use the grid method to translate onto paper. Unfortunately it will never be finished because it is now sporting a gigantic coffeestain 😥 I used Prismacolor markers for the outline and Prismacolor pencils for the color


Rose by Amber Curtis. I love this one despite how pixelated it came out in the photo. Prismacolor pencils on Strathmore Art Again paper


Melting by Amber Curtis. Another shitty photograph 😦 This was a doodle I did a couple months ago with Prismacolor pencils

Both are original photographs by Amber Curtis


KawaiiKittyWitchGirl by Amber Curtis. I created this for Halloween 2015 and really loved it. Created with Prismacolor pencils


Tattoo design by Amber Curtis. Created with basic sketch pencils.

I hope you guys liked seeing some of my art work. There is a lot more but these were the ones I felt most comfortable sharing. If you liked this post let me know and I may do some drawing tutorials when I get a better camera. Have a great day!! Much Love~~ Amber


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