Welcome back! Time for the third installment in my UltimateListofBeauty$5&Under and I’m so excited to share some more things with you!! I hope you guys are enjoying these and if you are like this post & comment below! Because if you do, I might just keep on going with it 🙂 Like I have said each time, I want this to eventually be compiled into one large list to be used as reference for when you need a product cheap but still good quality. Haven’t read the others yet? Beauty $5 and UNDER- The Ultimate List part 1 & THE ULTIMATE LIST OF BEAUTY $5 & UNDER part 2 .Here’s some more drugstore gems!

18. L.A. Colors 6 Color Palette in ‘Earthy’- found this gem just two days ago and I have created multiple looks trying it out. The colors are so warm and pretty, ya’ll know I am a sucker for warm shades on the eyes. The shadows were surprisingly buttery to the touch and blended like a DREAM. The light bronze and the rust shades are my favorite. $1 at Family Dollar

19. Wit & Wisdom Shaving Crème in Spiced Cedar- I got this for my man the other day and featured it in my post Awesome Products for your Man and since he loved the close shave it gave him as well as the scent, I gave it a try. This stuff left my skin so soft and smooth, and also smelling ahhmazing. Check it out! $1 at Dollar Tree

20. L.A. Colors 3 Color Palette in ‘Sunflower’- When I saw that the shades were similar to that of the Covergirl Coffeeshop Quad, I knew I had to try it. And I must say that L.A. Colors has really stepped up the game in recent years. Their original shadow palettes made it onto my WORST DRUGSTORE MAKEUP post but all of the new palettes I have tried have been wonderful. These shades are really beautiful for smoky or simple looks. $1 at Family Dollar.

21. ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in ‘Lilac Petal’- I heard several people rave about this  awhile back so I decided to try it. And lemme just say, PIGMENTATION!!! The color and shine is super intense and makes me feel like a glowing bombshell if I use just enough or an alien goddess if I overdo it, so that’s pretty much #winning either way. The only issue I had is that it sometimes separates in the bottle but all you have to do is mix it back before applying. $2 at Walmart

22. Carmex Lip Gloss- Haters gonna hate hate hate…. Yeah I know it smells like medicine. But despite that fact I have used it to prep my lips for lipstick for years. Put on a good layer to chapped and dry lips, let absorb, and stare at the soft suppleness in the mirror. In the winter time it is a must have for me. Sometimes I even slick it on alone for high shine protection. $1 at Dollar Tree

23. Equate 5 Blade Razors for Men- These were also featured in my Awesome Products for your Man post. We were sick of spending crazy $$ on razors and decided to try out cheaper options. I lot left us disappointed but these were GREAT. Super smooth and close shave, worked as well as, actually better than, the gimmicky Venus razor I used to buy. It has proven to me that, more than anything, us women are just paying for the pretty colors  and gimmicky design because there are better cheaper options out there! $4.50 at Walmart

24. Jordana Matte Lipstick in ‘Matte Red’- I haven’t tried the liquid versions of these but I have been using the stick for years. I love pairing it with the WnW ‘Cherry Bomb’ shade listed in part 2 for a beautiful ombre lip look. It’s intensely pigmented, not patchy, and doesn’t dry the living fuck out of your lips like some matte lipsticks can. $3.99 at drugstores

25. NYC Color Wheel Face Powder in Translucent Highlighter Glow- Beautiful for a soft sunkissed and highlighted look, it really illuminates your skin and I LOVE it. I saw it at stores for a long time and never tried it until it was recommended to me, and I am so glad I did. I love this in Spring & Summer months for a subtle and not cakey orange look like some bronzer/highlighter mosaics. $4 at Target

26. EcoTools Brush Set in ‘The Smoky Eye’- So I remember paying just over $5 (like $5.50) just a couple weeks ago. It must have been on sale because I looked it up and it was $7. But I decided to include it anyway because it is a great set. All of the brushes are incredibly soft and do their job, whether it be packing in a shade or blending to royalty, amazingly. I am kinda obsessed with them right now. I can’t get over how great they make any eye look, well, look! $7 at Walmart

27. Softsoap Luminous Oils Body Wash in Macadamia Oil & Peony- I had to include this. I love this stuff it is so incredibly scented, and leaves my skin silky soft for days after use. I got this for only $2.97 at Walmart

28. L.A. Colors DramatiLash in Fairy- As you may have known I NEVER wear fake lashes. That is until about 2 days ago, when I picked these up. I had always struggled getting lashes on and staying on. But I actually was pleasantly surprised with these. And I really like the style of them. They give them that something extra but they’re not super obvious that they’re fake. I do have to say that you may want to pick up their bottle of lash glue you buy separately, because the tiny tube that came with the lashes was pretty much empty. $2.63 at Family Dollar

29. Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo- As a curly girl, when I take the time to straighten my hair I want it to last a few days before showering so that I don’t have to do it again. So I went on the hunt in dry shampoos when I found this gem. It smells divine and I noticed that the white residue blends in a LOT easier than some of the drugstore dry shampoos I tried. About $4 at Walmart

30. Wet n Wild ColorIcon Shadow Trio in ‘Silent Treatment’- I was really impressed with the feel and blending ability of this trio. And the slightly plummy tones will flatter green eyes intensely, contrasting the green to make them pop. I even love this with my blue eyes, the warm plum brown shade looks gorgeous as a crease shade or even all over the lid. $2.97 at Walmart 

I hope you all enjoyed this part of the list! I wanted to make up for such a short one in part 2 by adding a few extras. I am really enjoying hunting down these hidden gems and sharing them with you guys, and I can’t wait to create my complete list/ reference guide. But I do believe that I will forever keep adding to it, because there is always something new at the drugstore. Please feel free to comment any questions or any hidden gems you want to share, I love reading comments, it makes me feel like I am really connecting with all of you!! I hope you all have a great day and the sun is shining brightly for you! Much Love~~ Amber

p.s. Realllly thinking about doing a Beauty Favorites Giveaway by compiling my holy grail products & giving them to one of my lovely readers! If you would be into entering something like that like this post and comment below that you would. Thanks for the feedback!!








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