Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to my blog 🙂 I’m a few days late posting this but I figured it’s better late than never! (the ultimate procrastinator’s motto) I found some amazing stuff this month, some courtesy of the drugstore and others courtesy of my Ipsy bag. I’m thinking about writing a review for the November bag, but is it too late? Nahhhh…

novfavnyxtrioNyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Trio $14:99 at Ulta: So just the other day I went to Ulta and was looking at the Liquid Suede section and was contemplating hard on which to get. Finally I grabbed Vintage (a dark plum nude kinda color) for $7.99. I walked around swatching things and came across a display with trios of the lipsticks for $14.99! You’re basically getting one for free! The second I got out to the car and tried them out (no shame in my game) and fell in lovvvvve. The formula isn’t as drying as the matte formulas from other brands and the color is so intense. The trio I got included Vintage, Soft Spoken (a beautiful dusty rose nude), and Cherry Skies (an intense deep crimson). One helluva deal (Photo of product courtesy of

novfavmadlashTheBalm Mad Lash Mascara $18 at I got this in my Ipsy bag and got realllly excited because I am a mascara junkie. My lashes got SO much length and volume from this mascara it was incredible. The formula is top notch. The only thing that bothered me was that the wand was a litttttle messy… I got a smudge at least somewhere every time I did it. But being the mascara junkie that I am, I overlook it. I just let you guys know because I want to be completely honest about products so you guys won’t waste your money if that is a dealbreaker for you. (Photo of product Courtesy of

novfavmasterfixMaybelline Master Fix Primer in Blur + Illuminate $9.99 via Hello glow! My skin has be seeming so dull lately, the cold mountain air has taken its toll this year and I could really tell by the way my makeup has been acting lately. When I first apply it, it looks great. But after a few hours I can see all kinds of weird things going on. I know it’s not my foundation because I’ve used it for a long time now and it has never done that before. So I decided to break down and buy an illuminating primer. I am so impressed with it, my skin looks so radiant and my makeup is wearing normal again. Thank god… I was looking like a hot mess before. (Photo of product courtesy of


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