The Beauty & Style Files: Holographic


Holographic products have been getting a lottt of attention lately, however there aren’t too many products so for this style file I couldn’t do high end and low end options, it’s a mixture of both. Despite that, these products are enough to make any holo-sexual drool.

      Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Topper in Trip $18.00 via                             Product & Lip Photos courtesy of

This lip topper is so gorgeous, to be honest I would probably lick it all off in the hopes that it would make me have unicorn poop. Keepin’ it real.

Eve Boutique Co. Holographic Glitter Pressed Eyeshadow $5.25 via                   Product photo courtesy of

Ahhhh the holo-riety….. Pink holo, green holo, white holo, gold holo…. a holographic dream.

Phees Makeup Shop Trance Luxe Highlighter Compact $26.08 via                     Product photo courtesy of

Holo-glow? Yaaaas ma’am! Take your highlight game from glowy to otherworldly. Maybe the reflection will direct some holo-lovin’ aliens our way


Rainbow Shining Mirror Nail Pigment $2.15 via                                         Product photo courtesy of

The second I saw this I ordered it. I’m not much on doing my nails because my job doesn’t allow polish on the hands. But my toes are going to be fuckin’ fabulous.


GOWN: Coquetry Clothing Silver/White Shattered Glass Holographic Puddle Train Dress $199 via Photo courtesy of          SKIRT: Holographic Mini Skirt $35 via Photo courtesy of     BOOTS: ‘Mistress’ 5 1/2″ heel Knee High Boots in Silver Hologram $61.99 via Photo courtesy of     PURSE: New Chic Hologram Laser Alligator Leather Crossbody Bag $19.89 via Photo courtesy of     HOODIE: IEDM Holographic Pikachu Hoodie $69.95 via Photo courtesy of


I couldn’t find too many holo clothing items that matched enough to make an outfit, so I thought I would put different options for different occasions. Can we just talk about that gown for a second???? I WILL get married in that dress. Holo shit! So beautiful. And that Pikachu hoodie is now on my fiancés Christmas list. Yaaaaaaas!!!



Shinyyyyy…. colorsssss….. glitterrrrr…..SIGN ME UP!!!

I hope all of you enjoyed this Beauty & Style File because I am going to be in the hole after I buy all of the stuff I found. Do you guys have any ideas for a Beauty & Style File? Comment below and let me know, I would love to bring your ideas to life!! Thanks so much for reading have a holo-riffic day!! Much Love~~Amber



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