When Enough is Enough: Being Bullied By Your Boss

Normally I would not make a post like this for fear of the repercussions. But I quit my job yesterday and I feel like I have been done very wrong by a company that I worked very hard for. I will not name the company because there are some people there that I still have a lot of respect for. I will not be bullied. Just because I worked a job that some consider for the ‘lower class’ does not mean that I have to put aside my humanity.

I was working for this company in a department where my boss, the head of the department, had gotten fired. When I heard this news and that they were bringing in someone else, I had no worries. I knew I was a good worker that did my job and that I had nothing to worry about. There were others who were nervous because some people, no matter who is telling them what to do, will not be happy about it. I am not one of those people. I take pride in my work ethic, and have never been questioned about being a good worker or not. In all of my jobs I have been quickly promoted because those who supervised saw that I was a capable person. That all changed when, lets call her…. Brandy, started working there.

The first day she started I went up to her and introduced myself with a smile and told her that I was glad to meet her. Then she looked down her nose at me and told me ‘We will see about that’. Two days later I went from 35 hours to 20. Things were a little bumpy but I had worked with difficult bosses before and I was sure that if I just did what I was told things would be fine. They were not.

Before she started I had been sent to another store to train for a higher position where I would be getting full time. Right before she was hired I was working in that new position. When she started I let her know that I had just been trained and had just started working that position. I told her this because she had used to be in that position and I thought she may have some advice for me or that maybe we could relate, I was trying to mend things. I told her this, she nodded at me and told me to go back to what I was doing. The next week I was taken off of that position. She put me back where I was before I had been trained, and told me that there was potential for me to get full time through that position instead.

Then, a few weeks later she pulled me aside and said that she was going to put me back over there permanently because I was more reliable than one of the other workers. The head of the store, her boss, confirmed that for me by congratulating me on being put over there and told me that he knew I would do well because I was artistic and creativity was a big part of that. I was over there for not even a week when I noticed that, on the next schedule, I was being taken off. Even though a customer had made a point of coming to Brandy to tell her what an amazing job I had done. I let it go at first, figuring there had to be a reason. Then I watched as another employee got the position they had taken me off of to be trained and watched them get full time as I was taken off both position with any potential and made to be a filler to work for people in random things on the days they were off.

Of course, this had me upset. Then the constant berating started. When me and three other workers were wearing our hair in the same way I was told that I needed to change it. But the others had nothing said. Before Brandy started I had never been sent home early, then within the first month of her being there I was sent home four times, even through I told her that my ride was at work and I had no way home she did it anyway and I had to sit at work for 6 hours waiting. One day she tried to send me again but another worker stepped in and told her that I didn’t have a ride but she did and if Brandy was going to send one of us home it should be her. That worker sacrificed her hours for me because she saw what was going on. I was berated for using the wrong manual until another worker stepped in and told Brandy that it was the right manual. When I would ask Brandy to fix something on the register for me she would belittle me in front of the customers and tell me I had to do it all over again even though that had NEVER been the case before. I went to multiple managers with my concerns, and each time it was brushed off.

Then it got to the point I could hardly stand it. When I saw my fiancé show up hours early I knew something bad had happened. He motioned for me to come to the side where he told me that my Great Aunt had passed away earlier that day. I never leave my position to talk to people but this was an exception. Brandy came out and yelled at me to go back up front and stop talking. Which was fine, she didn’t know what had happened. So I explained it to her. She looked down her nose and repeated ‘I SAID go back to the front line!’. Near tears anyway because of the news I had gotten I fled and went to the head of the store to ask if I could leave and be with family. He immediately said that it was fine. The next day I came to work and was immediately berated for doing a job wrong, when I informed her that I hadn’t done that job because I had left early due to my aunt, she glared at me and said that it was my job to be done so it was my fault. The rest of the day was hell and we were shorthanded because she had messed up on the schedule and she refused to help me and my coworker who were struggling to do the jobs of 4. I called the head of the store to try and schedule a meeting with him where I could discuss the way I had been treated. He asked me to come then but I explained that I couldn’t leave my coworker because we were shorthanded and he said that we would reschedule a meeting.

I was off for a few days after that and when I came back I found out that another coworker had went to him, lets call him Allen, and that a meeting had fixed the problem for her. So I figured that since Brandy had just been taken to her boss over the way she was treating others, that the problems might stop. They did not. Every day I was berated, belittled in front of customers, and treated like I was no better than dog shit on the bottom of her shoe. Each day I was coming home so upset that my fiancé was becoming genuinely concerned.

Then it finally happened. I had had enough. The schedule had been made incorrectly once again and this time there was too many people up front. However, a coworker in the position I had been trained for let’s call her Candy, didn’t have enough help. She had a lot of orders, the case to fill and the tables to fill. All of the floater jobs I had been assigned recently were done for the day, and there was too many people up front. So I went to Brandy and asked her if I could help Candy. I explained that all of my jobs were done and that there was more than enough people up front and that I would be happy to help her. She looked down her nose and spoke to me as if I was throwing a tantrum ‘I don’t think so!’. I explained to her, trying to stay calm, that the head of the store had sent me to be trained not only to be in that position permanently, but also to help out in situations like these. She said ‘This is my department and not Allen’s you can go cry to him if you want but he’s not here today so what I say goes!’ Not calmly either. She screamed it at me in a separate room with the doors closed so that no one could hear it.

So I went to a manager. Again. And again it was tossed aside like nothing. I had had enough. It would be different if she would have spoken to me calmly or like an equal. But she screamed at me and treated me like I was scum. So many times I had come in last minute to help the company by covering for someone who had called in. I had thrown away my plans for Thanksgiving to come in and help the company. I had went to people higher up about my problems and was treated like I was insubstantial. I had tried to schedule meetings with Allen, but either I was too busy doing the jobs of others because the schedule was made incorrectly or Allen was too busy to talk to me. So I walked out.

The next day I went in, not to work for Brandy because I have too much self respect to put up with it any longer, but to talk to Allen about why I left and why I felt as if I had been mistreated. I asked him if I could speak to him in his office and again he told me he was too busy. I had enough. I told him ‘Then we will talk about it here’. I explained everything that had happened, from being taken off the position to being berated over things I had not done, to being harassed when I found out my Great aunt had died. And you know what he said to me? ‘It is her call’ and told me he would call me later about my future with company. I never received a call, so I called and was told that he was too busy to talk to me. Again. I called the next day and was informed that ‘Even though we have never had any problems with you and you have been a good worker to this company, I can’t justify you leaving early. You’re fired’. Let’s be clear here, I QUIT, I was just informing him of what drove me to do it.

I don’t know if anyone even cares enough to read this but if you do listen to me when I say that no matter what job you’re doing, you still deserve respect and to be treated like a human being. Nobody deserves to be bullied by their boss, especially when you are doing the job asked of you to the best of your ability. I AM A HUMAN BEING AND I DESERVE RESPECT. JUST BECAUSE I NEED A JOB DOES NOT MEAN I WILL SACRIFICE MY HUMANITY FOR IT. And I have some questions. Can I go to the Better Business Bureau about this? Or corporate? Something??? I don’t want unemployment but I just truly feel as if I have been wronged. I have been treated like I am shit. And I went to the higher ups and they swept it under a rug, I tried to go to the head of the store but he would not make time to listen to what I had to say. This just doesn’t feel right to me. You would think that he would see that I have NEVER caused problems in the company and have always gotten good reviews. Until Brandy showed up. You would think that he would that put two and two together and see that something isn’t right……. Please share this story. People need to know that they are humans and they have a right to be treated that way. Support would also help, I am in a dark place right now.




3 thoughts on “When Enough is Enough: Being Bullied By Your Boss

  1. I agree. No-one deserves to be mistreated, especially on the job. You seem like a lovely person and that is what makes it so unfair. I believe that the bullying may come from a lack of gratitude on the part of the manager. Perhaps having a job is not something appreciated because it was easy to get. Or, it is a tremendous amount of fear and insecurity. People lash out when they feel that they are not good enough. So a measure of compassion and firmness are needed. You must also realise that you cannot change that person’s behaviour but you can change your ability to be affected by their unprofessional attitude.

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    1. Thank you, that really means a lot. I’m going to try and make something good come of it, I think I’m going to go back to school possibly for business. I don’t want to work jobs like these for the rest of my life and be talked down too for the rest of my life. I had a full scholarship when I graduated high school but I turned it down because I was young and dumb. But I think I would be much better off if I went back.

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      1. I have been in that situation before. Having a boss with a successful business – he couldn’t understand why he was successful. He couldn’t understand that I was helping him by being there. I had more formal education than he did and it scared him that he couldn’t control me with his money or position. So he did what bullies do – he made stuff up and accused me of just about anything. You know what, having a good education can help you to think your way past these troubling situations. However, the greatest gift you could give to yourself is high self-esteem and a positive sense of purpose. Even then people will try and bully you but they would have to be extremely dumb to start anything in the first place. Best wishes.


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