Duped! The ABH Modern Renaissance Palette DUPED for $9!?!

If you love makeup then you have likedly heard of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. Beauty gurus from all over have buzzed about this products and uploaded beautiful looks created from it all over Instagram, YouTube, etc. I have a serious case of makeup envy. Or had, until I discovered these beautiful gems at the drugstore. 

Elf Blush Palette in Dark $6: These highly pigmented blushes mimic the deep rosy shades in the ABH palette perfectly. Prepare to swoon over this

L A. Colors Matte Eye shadow in Pink Chiffon $1.50- Yeah, you read that right, $1.50 for these buttery, blendable shadows. Perfect for softer pink tones

L.A. Colors Matte Eyeshadown in (top) Brown Tweed and (bottom) Natural Linen $1.50 each- The beauty of duping is that you can personalize it. If you crave the rose shades of the ABH palette but know that warm toned nudes aren’t for you try the cooler tones of the Natural Linen palette.

I hope you guys are as excited about these dupes as I am! I love seeing beautiful looks from the ABH palette and love that I can do the same for a mere fraction of the cost. Comment if you enjoyed or share some other ABH dupes, and please follow my blog for more super cheap dupes and drugstore gems! Xoxo Amber


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