Fab or Fail: Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Foundation & PhotoFocus Primer

Wet n Wild has truly underwent a huge brand evolution. When I was in school the line was limited, with mediocre products. But in the past few years they have stepped up their game with gems like their highlighters and ColorIcon blushes, and their finally on the radar of beauty lovers. So when they announced they would be releasing a Photo Focus foundation, people were super excited, myself included.

Their foundation line boasts 20 shades which is truly impressive for a drugstore company, many foundations come in very few shades. On top of all that, it’s  cruelty free anddd only $4.68. If you’ve been reading my posts you know that I am a Maybelline FitMe lover but I was so excited to try this. I decided to also purchase the PhotoFocus primer because of the presence of dimethicone which, for me, doesn’t settle into my pores like silicon primers do. 

Now, time to put the claims to test and see if we have a winner! So after moisturizing with my tried and true Vaseline/aloe mixture (check it out, I have a DIY for it) I massaged the primer into the skin. It doesn’t have a smell which is good for those who are scent sensitive and it dried down quickly. I noticed right away there was a smoothing/blurring effect. 

For the foundation, I do really like that it has a spatula in the lid to scoop out product, those really come in handy. The smell is a little… Odd. I swear it smells like house paint. You can’t tell once its dry but it is off putting at first. I’m using a damp beauty blender to apply and it applies easily and no oxidation. It’s a good medium coverage at first but it is buildable to full coverage. When it dries it is a good satin finish not dewy but not super matte either. I have to admit, it looks good…. At first.

I tested this foundation for three days, for about 12 hours a day, and each day with a different type of primer. And each day about 7 hours in I would notice areas of texture and patchiness. By 12 hours there were areas where the foundation had begun to break down and looked extremely cakey.

All in all, it looks beautiful at first and lasts for a few hours, but if you’re looking a for a long lasting foundation this may not be for you.  But for the price, it’s not a bad option. I’m not disappointed just not wowed by it. Now for the primer, I tested it with both the Maybelline FitMe foundation and the Wetn Wild. I do think it does well to smooth and blur and I have to say I think like it better than the Maybelline Master Prime. I’m going to keep using it and I plan to do an update soon.

Thanks so much for reading! I just bought a few different products so if you liked this post, stay tuned. I’m going to put two highlighters under $4 to the test and see which is better so follow my blog to keep up! As always, much love and take care of yourself!! -Amber


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