Spring Beauty 2017

I love Spring, it’s possibly my favorite season. I loathe the dreariness and chill of an Appalachian winter so the contrast of sunshine and blooming flowers is amazing. What else do I love about Spring? The naturally pretty beauty trends. Don’t get me wrong, I love the drama of liquid lips and smoky eyes in winter, but when Spring comes along I fall in love with the low maintenance looks and delicate colors all over again. I’ve compiled a list of fresh beauty trends that are less trend and more classic, and my favorite products to achieve them.

Dewy Skin: Look fresh and youthful dewy skin. These products are all great by themselves or used altogether for a beautiful radiant look.

  • Maybelline Fit Me Dewy & Smooth- This formula is buildable up to full coverage and gives skin a satin finish 
  • Maybelline Master Prime in Blur & Illuminate- If you have a foundation you love that doesn’t have a dewy finish, use this primer to still have a gorgeous radiance. I use it with matte foundations for a subtle glow, or with dewy ones for an extra gleam
  • Tarte Maracuja Oil- This is a great trick for dewy skin, use a drop or so on your makeup sponge to give a fresh finish and you can also use it to hydrate skin as a moisturizer 

    Flush of Color: I love embracing the pretty pastels and rosy pinks of Spring. Add life and loveliness to your look with these products:

    • Seraphine Botanicals Guava Butter Cheek Stain- In keeping with the dewy look for Spring, I love this product. A little goes a longggg way and it looks so rosy and pretty.
    • Wet n Wild Color Icon Blushes: I’ve raved about this intensely pigmented blushes before and I will again. Such a drugstore gem!
    • Elf Blush Palette: $6 gets your four beautiful shades that are very buildable for just the right look. 

    Ethereal Glow: Spring is the perfect time to bring on the blinding highlight. Evoke thoughts of a fairy princess and slay with these products

    • Elf Baked Highlight in Moonlit Pearls- These are so blinding! I remember when I first got this I searched it right away and was super disappointed. But I read online and the trick is to rub the top layer off to expose the shimmering fabulousness
    • Wet N Wild ColorIcon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana- This ‘bronzer’ is the perfect natural looking  highlight. If your style is more subtle then the light reflecting subtle shimmers is perfect. I love it for a natural look

    Stained Lips: A kiss of color is stunning and low maintenance. Just apply and forget. Count me in! I love the look of dewy stained lips, so pretty.

    • NYX Liquid Suede in Cherry Skies: Yes, I know this is a liquid lip. But I love using this blue based red shade to stain my lips to a beautiful  been-eating-blackberries hue. Just apply then use a tissue to remove and reveal the stain.
    • Vaseline: yeah, yeah I praise Vaseline all the time, but can you blame me? I use it on my skin, my lips, and when I’m in a pinch, to remove makeup. For lips I use it to prep and hydrate lips before staining them

    Angelic Eyes: For Spring I love pretty, soft eye looks. Pastels make a such a pretty statement or natural matte shades enhance your natural beauty.

    • Elf Smudge Pot in Ain’t that Sweet- this is such a pretty pink duochrome shade. I love to use it as an eye primer to compliment my pastel eye looks
    • L.A. Colors Matte 5 shadow Palette in Brown Tweed and Natural Linen- Both of these have great nude shades for either bringing depths or highlight to the eyes without being obvious
    • LA Colors Glam Palette in Strange Love- Though not super pigmented they are workable and for the price I’m willing to work with it. The pinks and purples in this palette look amazing with that Elf Smudge Pot

    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved putting it together. As always, take care of yourself! Much Love, Amber


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