Fab or Fail? Rimmel Magnif’eyes Palette Review

There have been quite a few drugstore palettes to hit in market in the past few months, all of which I’ve gazed at in the aisle only to walk away for the essentials I needed to spend my money on (oh, you know, toilet paper and food and other survival goods. The tragedy of responsibility). But since I got my taxes I decided to spend a couple bucks on myself, no high end products though. No matter if I have $500 in my wallet I typically would rather find inexpensive gems that I don’t have to wait a year to repurchase if I run out. I compared palettes from Covergirl, Maybelline, Hard Candy, etc but finally settled on the Rimmel London Magnif’eyes Palette in ‘London Nudes Calling’.

I was drawn to the beautiful rosey nudes. I had contemplated between the Maybelline version but I had heard negative things about it so I went with Rimmel, a brand that I have to admit, I don’t regularly try out. But I’m going to have to start after trying this palette. The shades give me Naked 3 and Modern Renaissance vibes and they are beautiful! The shadows are gorgeous shimmers dry and intense metallic foils when wet. My only gripe is that the palette only has one matte shade, so you may have to use other products to achieve a dimensional look. But I don’t mind that because I adore shimmer shades. I also like using the lighter shades as highlight for my cheeks as well, they’re blinding.

I adore the looks I’ve been able to create with this palette and for $7.97? It’s hard to beat that because they are truly quality. They blend like a dream and they don’t fade like some drugstore shadows do. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes a versatile palette and some shimmer.

 I hope this post helped you out and thanks so much for reading! If you liked it, follow my blog for more posts like this for the everyday makeup lover! As always, take care of yourself! Much Love, Amber


4 thoughts on “Fab or Fail? Rimmel Magnif’eyes Palette Review

    1. It is so beautiful, and for under $10 I had to. I’m super happy with my purchase. A lot of drugstore companies have tried to replicate the Naked 3 and this one’s pretty close. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


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