Quitting Foundation: Update #1

So about a week ago I posted that I had decided to quit foundation, mainly because my once good skin was now dry, red, and blemish prone. And for the past week I have stayed true, only using a touch of concealer for dark circles and to hide the redness.

I’m shocked to say that I have already started to notice some changes in my skin. My skin is nowhere near as flaky and dry. And my fiance noticed (and approved) of the more minimal look.redness is still an issue but I’m hoping that it will go away soon. 

I’ve bought a couple skin care products but I have yet to start using them seeing as I’m quite sick right now and am too lazy to use them (yet I’m still rocking a smoky eye but, ya know, priorities). That was a pretty short update but it’s getting late and I’m going on three hours sleep and a bottle of theraflu for sustenance so hopefully this will suffice. Thanks for reading & Much Love- Amber


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