Fab or Fail? *NEW* Elf Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Tint

Being a thin lipped girl in a plump pout world, finding good lip products is EVERYTHING because so many things just don’t look right with my super thin lips. Many lipsticks are out of e question but one thing I have always loved is a good stain. So when I heard Elf had released their new Aqua Beauty line featuring gel lip tints, I knew I had to try them. I picked mine, the shade ‘Dewy Berry’, for $4 at my local WalMart.

First off, the packaging is reallllly pretty, which isn’t important but hey it’s nice. And the shade is gorgeous! With one coat my lips had a nice sheer wash of color, and two coats gave a nice vibrant, but still sheer, wash of color. I don’t recommend more than two coats though, because it starts to goop up if you do. It dries down in less than a minute, leaving a satin finish that is literally locked in place. Like, it’s seriously make out approved (you’re welcome for testing that out). I do recommend hydrating lips before applying so there’s no flakes. The only thing that annoyed me was it tastes a bit like cough syrup if you get any before it dries down, but once it’s dry it’s not noticeable. I love how easy and low maintenance a stain is, and this cool toned berry shade is beautiful! All in all, I have to say this stuff is Fab!

I hope you liked this post! Have you tried any of the Elf Aqua Beauty line? Lemme know in the comments! Take care of yourself and Much Love- Amber


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