Foundation Face Off! Feat. 6 Different Foundations

Oh, foundation. I feel foundation is one of the most difficult beauty products to shop for. A million different shades, formulas, and types along with the fact that everyone’s skin is different adds up to an often 50/50 risk when purchasing. So, after years of trying different types of foundations I figured it may help someone out if I posted reviews and compared them all at once. I’d like to note that I have dry skin with an oily nose and chin, so keep in mind some of the things I experience may not adhere to you. Also, I actually (as of a week ago) quit wearing foundation altogether but I know a lot of people still do so this would be beneficial for them. With that said, onward!

L.A. Colors Liquid Foundation- Just… No. I figured I’d start with my absolute worse so I can get it over with. First off, every shade is pretty much a different shade of oompa loompa. Second, it’s basically a glorified moisturizer because there’s no coverage but what coverage is there oxidizes to an even more garish orange. Within no time this oily formula creases, and even blending is difficult as it streaks with every stroke. Honestly, if you’re out of foundation and this is your only option, you’re better off going without. Well, that was brutal. But I want to be 100% honest and maybe help someone avoid a disaster.

NYC Smooth Skin- This is another foundation I wasn’t a fan of, though not as bad. It has about a light to medium coverage but can be built up if you’re careful in the application (rushing leads to streaks) but what ruins it for me is the oxidization. For anyone who doesn’t know, oxidization is where your foundation, after coming into contact with air, reacts and darkens. At first the shade I got was perfect but after I applied it to my skin it began to oxidize before I’d even finished applying. It gives a dewy finish but, unfortunately, gets a bit too shiny if your put up against any humidity. All in all,this one just wasn’t a winner for me. 

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless- Time for something good! And it is gooooood. I’d heard good things about the Fit Me line and went to the store with the intention of getting the dewy formula, but they only had my shade in matte so I went out on a limb and got this one. Matte formulas can often equal flakes and texture for those of us with dry skin, but not this one. I never have texture issues as long as I prep my skin ( i.e. exfoliate, moisturize) which I do with any foundation anyway. The coverage starts out medium but easily builds to full. Blending isn’t an issue, and I’ve used both sponges and brushes. I really do love the finish it gives, and the fact that the shade range is so broad. This is definitely a holy grail for me.

Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy and Smooth- So when I finally got my hands on this formula I was super excited after the success I’d had with the matte. Coverage and blending were equally as good and I love the hydrated satin finish it gives. You do have to set well with powder to prevent creasing so that is a downfall but other than that it is pretty great. And again, there are a huge range of shades. The entire Fit Me line is pretty impressive. 

Loreal TruMatch Lumi: This dewy formula was much better, I didn’t notice my pores at all until it had been on for a solid 12 hours, and the dewy finish really is quite luminous. For my more oily areas I did set with powder to  tone down shine, but everywhere else was fine. What I really like is how the display at the store was set up, it was divided into sections of shades dedicated to the individual cool, warm, and neutral undertones. However, I do have to mix a touch of lighter foundation because this line is not pale enough for me *cries* But all in all, I do really like this foundation.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus: I did a whole post on this, so if you’ve read that I’m sorry if I sound redundant but I just had to include it. While when first done it left a beautiful finish, after just a couple hours it begins to break down, leaving skin looking strange and icky to be honest. I love Wet n Wild and the fact that this foundation comes in such a broad range of shades. But it truly looks awful in no time. And it also smells like house paint sooo… Yeah. 

I hope this post was informative and helps you to avoid some unimpressive products, and veer towards some good one. Feel free to share in the comments your best and worst foundations, I love reading them! Take care of yourself and Much Love- Amber


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