Ultimate List of Beauty $5 & Under Part 4 (10 Drugstore Gems!)

Welcome back!

It’s been awhile since I made one of these posts and I’ve tried some awesome new cheap products that I’m giddy to share. If you’re new to my blog, this is a series where I compile a list of super inexpensive products that I hope you can use as a reference for when you’re in need of a product on a budget but want one that is quality. Without any further adieu:

Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana: While I don’t understand why it’s labeled a bronzer, I am in love with this product for a natural looking highlight. The formula is as velvety soft as the WnW MegaGlo palettes (adore those as well) and the subtle shimmers are gorgeous for those no-makeup makeup days. And for $3.93 I mean damn. The Elf Baked highlights I love are $3 but a fraction of the size of this Wet n Wild product. 

L.A. Colors Matte 5 Shadow Palettes: This brand has surprised me with some real gems lately, and I have been trying out their super inexpensive eyeshadows a lot. This palette comes with 5 matte shades. I personally have tried and enjoyed the ‘Brown Tweed’ and ‘Natural Linen’ palettes. Brown tweed has beautiful warm nude shades, I adore the Carmel shade for transition and the black was surprisingly pigmented. Natural linen is a great set of cool toned neutrals. Oh and did I mention that they’re $1.50!!!?! 

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Primer: I recently reviewed this and the WnW Photo Focus foundation, you can find out why the foundation didn’t make this list on that post. But the primer impressed me with it’s smoothing quality and how it lessened the appearance of my pores. It’s scentless which is nice considering the foundation smells like house paint. And despite my having dry skin I didn’t experience texture issues which is a huge plus. I got it for right at $5 at my local Walmart

Elf Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Tint: I am in love with this right now! I’ve used it literally every day since buying it. One coat gives a sheer wash of color, two coats for more vibrance (I don’t recommend more than 2 coats, it gets patchy). When dried down it still gives a dewy look but it is dried down and DAMN does it stay in place. Through eating, drinking, smoking, making out, it lasts. I love how low maintenance it is. Oh, and it’s just $4 (how bow dah?)

Wet n Wild Gel Lip Liner in Bare to Comment: This is the only shade I’ve tried so I can’t speak for the others, but this is amazing! Shade wise it is a gorgeous pinky nude (my ideal nude shade for my neutral pale skin but I feel it’s a fairly universally flattering shade) that I like so much I’ve been filling in my entire lips with it and leaving it at that. The formula is super smooth so it’s easy to apply (much better than the WnW pencil lip liners) and they feel quite comfortable on the lips for a matte finish. I think this is a great lip liner for a large range of lipstick shades and I am really excited to try the other shades. $2.93 at Walmart.

Wet n Wild Coverall Corrective Concealer Wheel: I was a bit intimidated when I bought this, having never really tried the color corrective thing but my redness and dark circles convinced me to give it a whirl. I’m really impressed! The yellow really does help cancel out my under eyes and with normal concealer on top they’re nonexistence. Same with the greenshade, my redness is history HOWEVER I must warn you to be sparing and blend welllll to avoid Shrek vibes. I didn’t get to try the purple because I don’t have issues with yellow tones in my skin. The only shade that was actually a did was the white. It’s for brightening so I blended it with my normal concealer but then I realized it had chunks of glitter in it (the other shades don’t) and I looked like I had cried unicorn tears (which, I rocked proudly by the way) so it’s not very useful. The other shades though? A++

Elf Cream Contour Palette: Okay it’s $6 but it is also my new holy grail and it’s so close to the five dollar limit I had to include it. I was nervous because the shades looked rather warm but the lightest contour shade is perfect! Once blended out it’s actually a nice neutral tone that looks stunningly natural. I use the darker shades to accentuate the areas I want extra extra depth and it looks so nice. It blends like a dream too. The highlight shade in the palette is too dark for me to use as highlight but I do sometimes use it as a transition shade for my contour if I’m feeling high maintenance. Love this product!

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Concealer Stick: I’m not going to lie, I was sceptical about this but it’s actually pretty great. The coverage is really good and it blends very well, I do wish there were more shades (I only saw 3 but there might be more online). The lightest shade I can use as just a concealer, I wish there was a lighter one I could use as a good highlight against my contour. They have highlight sticks that I haven’t tried yet but I like an almost white shimmer free formula for a natural highlight. All in all it’s pretty great.

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Contour Stick: Before I go any farther I want you to know this product was too warm for me but the formula is so good I had to include it for my warm toned ladies! This stuff,like it’s concealer counter part, blends like a dream! And I like the stick because it’s easy to use however it is a bit bulky for the nose so you might have to use a brush to apply it there. Again, I wish they had more shades because if I had a neutral toned one I would use it daily. But, I digress.

Wet n Wild Graphic Liquid Eyeliner: Lots of Wet N Wild on this list am I right? That’s because they’re kinda slaying the drugstore makeup game lately. I was recommended this by a friend and when I got it and swatched it ang was like wtf? But I just had to get it going and now I love it! The tip is like a chisel marker which can be easy to use but I’m going to sharpen mine with a (sterile) razorblade for a more pointed tip. For a drugstore liner it is blackkkk as my soul so…winner! 

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Contour Powder: Whoa. I swear WnW has muchBEST powders at the drugstore (#notspons). I mentioned these powders Part 1 but grouped them with another. No. They deserve their own praise. They are sooooooo pigmented (literally, hit the powder once with your brush and you’re good) they will last me ages. The powder is buttery smooth, it feels like a high end product. I use the lighter Dulce De Lece set, which I use the dark shade for contour and bronzer and I use the light shade as powder to set my face. I love that its matte because they’re mucho natural looking. 

There you have it guys! I love these products so much and finding great beauty products super cheap is always gratifying. I hope you liked this post check out parts 1-3 and follow my blog for more! Take care & Much Love- Amber


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