Tips for the Aspiring Makeup Artist

I think that every makeup fanatic has contemplated taking it from hobby to career. And that’s an amazing decision to make! So whether you’re still deciding or decided here are some tips to get you started!

Disposable Tools & Sterilization

This is honestly the MOST important thing. Even if you’re super talented, using dirty and contaminated tools is GUARANTEED to ruin your reputation. This is not an optional step because you can easily transmit communicable diseases and illnesses to your client if you’re not 100% clean. For the majority of your work you will need disposable tools, which are quite inexpensive and you can buy in bulk. From mascara wands to sponges stock up on these items, you’ll need it. Next, for the things you simply must use you HAVE to sterilize them. And you also need to know when products need to be tossed, don’t use expired products on clients. I’ve included a couple inforgraphics, but you need to actually research techniques that way you’re completely informed. There are actual makeup sanitization sprays you can buy as well.



Investing in Your Collection

As a makeup artist you are going to work with a wide range of people of different ages, colors, and sizes. Stocking up may be expensive but it is necessary as it saves you from the stigma of being unprofessional. You will need a wide variety of shades of foundation, skin products for different skin types, eye products for different eye colors and personal preferences, etc. It sounds obvious but I’d rather state the obvious than leave someone unprepared. 


Telling someone that you’re a skilled makeup artist is nowhere near as good as SHOWING them. This is where keeping a portfolio comes in handy. Do different makeup looks on as wide a variety of people as you can, showing you can work with a diverse amount of people. If you need to, offer them for free at the condition you can take a photo to use for a portfolio (and if they like it they will tell their friends which also helps). Once you’re portfolio is complete you’re prepared to take on any potential client you meet. 

Get Your Name Out There

So you’re stocked up, informed on cleanliness techniques, and prepared to take the world by storm. Soooo…. Now what? Well you need to let people know you exist! There is a wide range of options in doing this, and if you can, do all of them. The more the better.

  • Business Cards: There are tons of sites you can go to to personalize and order business cards. You can leave some (if the store agrees) at a store for customers to pick up and take with them, give them to potential clients you meet, and give to friends to give to their friends.
  • Social Media: Join social media platforms and enjoy the free advertising as you share your business with the world. Share photos of your work (with client’s permission, in writing) on platforms so that more and more people hear about you. Just make sure that you don’t post anything that could tarnish your reputation (I.e. partying, swearing, negativity, etc)
  • Website: Create a website that serves as a way to connect with you and to see your work, and share that website all over your social media. This gives people a place to find out more about you without distractions. 
  • Network: It’s always a good idea to connect with others in your field. You can get advice and help each other by spreading each other’s work. That way you both get more clients. Plus it’s always nice to pick someone’s brain when you’re starting out, that way you can get an idea of the world you’re walking into

I hope that helped! Thanks so much for reading, I hope you all have a great day and take care! Much Love- Amber


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