Fab or Fail? Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer

So if you read my post ‘My Concealer Calamity’ you know that I recently had a reaction to my favorite Maybelline Fit Me concealer, so now I have to try and find a concealer to replace it. So I was at the drugstore scanning concealers and I made my way over to the Rimmel display. The first and only product I had tried before, the Rimmel Scandal’eyes palette, I have become obsessed with so I decided to give another Rimmel product a go. Before I go any farther I want to note that I have dry skin with an oily nose and chin.
I was excited to try this because A) I have never tried a concealer that you squeeze the tube and the product comes out of the brush applicator and B) because the shade actually looked,in the tube, like it might (*gasp*) be light enough for me and C) it was only $5, even cheaper than the Fit Me concealer. I’ve been testing this the past couple of days and here are my results:

When first applying it I liked the brush tip but as I continued to apply to the areas I needed it, I became annoyed that I either was squeezing not enough and nothing was coming out, or squeezing too hard and wasting a fuck ton of product. But, it was blending well so I decided to not be so judgemental right off the bat, and to give the formula a chance. So I did. Andddd..  FUCK! The product goes on true to how it looks in the tube but if you move on to other areas to lay product down and come back to blend it will be dried and (dun dun dun duuuuuuuun) oxidized. Oxidization is literally my biggest face product pet peeve. It looked so beautiful at first and before I could even blend it out it was wayyyy darker. So the next day I decided that I would go one section at a time that way it wouldn’t dry before blended, hoping that would make a difference. Nope. I looked like I had went apple bobbing but with the barrel full of fake tan instead of water.

Now, orange and angry, I decided to push through and see what it wore like. At first, ignoring the color,it did have a nice matte finish that didn’t cling to my dry patches. Check in 1 (after 4 hours): the product is breaking down a lot  around my nose and I already have to go in for a touch up Check in 2 (after 8 hours): I am a blotchy, orange mess. Needless to say, this concealer was an absolute fail for me which makes me sad because I really loved their eye-shadow palette. But those of us who rely on drugstore makeup know that it is often a hit and miss market. But hey I would rather be out just a few bucks than like $30. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I felt bad being so brutal but I want to be 100% honest with you. If I dislike a product I’m going to be honest about it that way no one wastes money on my account. Cuz I know how that shit is. As always: Take Care of Yourself & Much Love- Amber


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