What’s in my Art Box?

You know those ‘What’s in my bag?’ Videos where people, well,show you what’s in their bag? This is the art edition.  I have a wooden art box with built in easel, I can’t remember the brand but my fiance got it for me at Hobby Lobby and I love it for organizing and traveling.
Sketch Pencils: I have kind of a mismatched collection of sketch pencils. My favorite ones are, shocker, Prismacolor. I only saw one specific lead type (B) but they’re might be more online. They’re my go to for drawings with sharp contrast and probably one of the darkest sketch pencils I’ve tried and also really good for illustrations with heavy shading. Next I have the Royal Brand Sketch set, which my Glamma (💜💜💜) got me for Christmas. It includes a full set of H-B graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, charcoal stumps, blenders, and an eraser. Everything is good quality except for the eraser, it smears a bit. Thank you Glamma!💜💜💜. Last I have a full H-B set by Dahler Rowney. I like the B pencils, but the H pencils were very… Squeaky? Does that make sense. Probably not but I don’t know how else to describe it.

Erasers: I have one brand of erasers that I truly love. One of my biggest art pet peeves is when you use a shitty eraser and it smears everything. Fuck I hate that. So when I first got a pack of General Erasers at Michael’s I knew I would never buy any others. Oh and I want to mention that I’m not sponsored by any brands mentioned (though I would not mind it because I highly recommend them, business email is amberandamethystblog@gmail.com *hint, hint*) Anyways, I have used their standard, kneaded,and gum erasers and love them all. None of themsomeee smeared on my art (hallelujah) so the explains my love.

Lining Markers: I’ve been using the 4 pack of Prismacolor markers in black for a few years now. It comes in a little plastic carton and has 4 different tips: chisel (a thick bold line), brush (for both thick and thin lines), 05 (fine tip for thin lines),and 005 (an extra fine tip for extremely thin lines). I typically do an out line with the 005, then add color and/or shading before relining with 05. I only have black right now but would like to get some colored ones.

Blending Materials: For colored pencils I have 2 different blending options. First are the Prismacolor Colourless Blending pencils. They’re basically a clear wax used to blend the wax of the pencils for a smooth gradient. I use them for illustrations and for more soft compositions. Next I have the Prismacolor Colourless Blending marker. I love this for really intense color, the solvent really makes the colors so vibrant and blend so smoothly. I use it to exaggerate illustrations and for when I do manga style art or pop. For sketch and charcoal pencils I used the blending stubs that came in the Royal Sketch Set. When it comes to blending stubs I feel like it doesn’t really matter if buy em or make em so yeah. I also have some turpentine for my oil paints that I never use (I am completely awful at painting) but I have no idea what brand it is (because I never use it).

Colored Pencils: Right now I have about 50 different Prismacolored pencils that I love. I use the soft lead because of how pigmented and smooth they are. And they blend like a dream (this is starting to sound like a makeup review). I do want to venture and try some other brands like Derwent, I really can’t afford it though. I stocked up awhile back and I can’t splurge on anything right now.

Charcoal: Like I said I have the charcoal pencils and stubs from the sketch set, but I also have charcoal powder. That shit is messssssy.

Miscellaneous: an all metal sharpener (best for softer leads), a fuck ton of Plaid and Apple Craft Acrylic paint for when diy strikes me, my tattoo kit, my air brush, toilet paper (for clean up if I need it when traveling), my sketchbooks, andddd I believe that covers it! Technically my tattoo kit doesn’t fit in my box (since it has it’s own sterilized one) but figured I would include it since it’s part of my collection. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and hey, what in your art box? Take Care of Yourself & Much Love- Amber


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