$2 Liquid Lipstick?! Fab or Fail

While at the drugstore the other day I spotted a liquid lipstick for $2 and I knew I had to try it. Not gonna lie, I didn’t have much hope. Liquid lipsticks can be tricky, even for high end brands. But the beautiful cool toned brown nude sang my name and I walked out of the store excited to swatch. I got the L.A. Colors Matte Liquid Lipcolor in the shade ‘Suede’.

I was skeptical also because I had tried the L.A. Colors mini $1 lipstick and it wasn’t a win but I noticed quickly a difference. This rich shade didn’t streak at all in my swatch. But lips and hands are very different so I knew I had to do a few wear tests.

My first impressions upon opening were A) smells like vanilla B) the applicator is just like that on the NYX Liquid Suede (which I love). The color applied VERY pigmented, I was shocked that this $2 liquid lipstick covered my lips evenly in one dip. For dry down, another A+. It dried down in about a minute, which is awesome. No sitting there waiting forever to take a drink of something. Speaking of which, onto the wear test.
The first feat I tackled was drinking my 24 oz. Coffee. This almost always takes a toll on liquid lipstick but to my overly caffeinated surprise, the lipstick was still completely intact. For the next few hours I cleaned up the house and did some gardening (yes, I’m 22, not 60) and upon looking in the mirror, my lips looked great. Oh, I’d also like to mention it’s also comfortable on the lips. You can tell it’s a matte lipstick but it isn’t overly drying. My last portion of the wear test was eating. While it didn’t survive the admittedly greasy food, it still held up better than expected because only the inner center of my lip had wiped off. All in all this lipstick blew my damn mind.


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