Things that Annoy Every Artist

I feel like every profession and hobby has things that annoy the hell out of them, things that people just don’t understand if they haven’t experienced it themselves. I can’t speak for too many things but as an artist there are some things that genuinely irritate me to my core. Some of these I know irk almost all artist’s, others might be singular to myself:

Backseat Drawing/Being Watched: Since I am learning to tattoo this is one of those things I am really having a hard time overcoming. Since I was a kid I hated knowing someone was watching my every stroke with the pencil, it made me so nervous. Once someone thinks of you as an artist there’s almost a kind of pressure (self induced may I point out) to be perfect. And when I know I’m being watched I begin to question every motion- should I do negative space there? Or keep it traditional? Even worse is when the person watching begins to interrogate you’re every artistic decision. But, obviously, as a tattoo artist, this is part of the procedure. You’re basically collaborating with each client. Combining ideas, making it personal for them, yet still incorporating your artistic signature. 

Hijacking Your Sketchbook: This is probably the worst one for me, and relates to the previous one. My sketchbook is MINE and is PRIVATE. If you don’t have permission DON’T look at it and DON’T flip through it. I know it sounds mean and rude and that I should be glad they’re interested. But art is, for me, incredibly personal. It’s my soul immortalizing itself in visual form and I am very critical of it. There are some things that I am not confident of and some things that are just personal and for my eyes only. And when I tell someone this the most common response is “Did you draw dirty stuff?” *eyeroll* Excuse me for not wanting to share something personal with everyone in the world.

Draw Me!: Being an artist the absolute most common request you’ll get is to do a portrait of them. Which is great if you’re a portrait artist but there are soooo many different subcategories out there, chances are, they’re not. It doesn’t bother me if people ask, it only bothers me when you explain why you won’t and they get angry or criticize you. Often I hear ” Well you must not be much of an artist if you don’t do portraits”. Ah the ignorance of that. Every artist has a preferred subject matter. I personally am inspired by nature and love to incorporate a psychedelic feel, and I also dabble in manga artwork. If I’m not inspired by something, chances are I won’t draw it.

Manga Isn’t Art: This is singular to the anime/manga community. Since manga is a type of cartoon style, it’s often scoffed at by fine artist’s. Which is idiotic. Anything that involves the creative process is art, in my opinion. And while manga artwork is technically simplified realism, that doesn’t make it any less art. When learning manga there are all kinds of techniques for the style, and they do require skill. So let’s stop with the snobbery, shall we?

Thanks for reading and if you related to any of these, let me know in the comments! As always, Take Care of Yourself & Much Love- Amber


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