15 Random (and embarrassing) Facts about Me

1. I can’t ride a bike. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous considering i’m 22. I remember my mom trying to teach me how and she would let go of the bike when she thought I wasn’t paying attention to see if I could make it by myself. Unfortunately the second I realized she had let go I would have a mini panic attack and wreck.

2. I broke my own nose. Yup. How you may ask? I don’t tolerate tickling at ALL. One day my fiance and I were outside sitting at the picnic table and I was laying on the bench part. He began tickling me and i, like an idiot, jerked my head and bashed my nose into the table. I cried for a second then burst out laughing. So if you’ve ever noticed in pictures that my nose is slightly crooked,that’s why.

3. I’m left handed. Not a bjggie but it does make a difference since it’s a right-handed world we live in. I remember once seeing a notebook made for left handed people and I got so excited and bought it. But I’m so used to regular notebooks it was weird for me and I never really used it.

4. Dead whales made me pick a different favorite color. When I was a kid my favorite color in the world was red. My backpack was red, my pencil case was red, everything was red. Then one day I was watching Animal Planet and there was a special on about the unethical killing of whales. My little kid self freaked out when the ocean water turned red with blood. My favorite color has been purple ever since.

5. I wiped out at my HS graduation. Yeah, you know that fear everyone has? Well it happened to me. I had a really pretty light pink dress for graduation and wanted to wear heels with it but I knew i would fall if I did. So I wore sandals instead. As I was walking inside, past the massive crowd of smoking parents getting a drawl in before it began, I stepped on a pebble and my ankle twisted and I wiped out. I had to hold a paper towel on my leg to stop the bleeding throughout the whole ceremony.

6. I am irrationally afraid of underwater tree trunks. Weird I know. And shitty since I swim in lakes all the time. But the feeling of touching an underwater tree while I’m in the water freaks me the hell out. I picture a dead body reaching for me.

7. I’ve lived in 4 different states. Ive spent most of my life in Kentucky but have stayed in several different areas. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio but only lived there when I was very young. I only remember going there to visit family throughout the years. I lived in southern Indiana until I was about nine. After that I moved to south central Kentucky until I was 21 which is when my fiance and I moved right outside of Tampa, Florida. While I loved Florida our rent was outrageous ($1200 a month for a double wide, and not a nice one either) and we had insufficient savings so we moved back to Kentucky. Last June we moved to eastern Kentucky in a small mountain town and it’s truly beautiful here. I do miss the warm weather of Florida though 

8. Math is the bane of my existence. I absolutely hate it. I was always a good student but the minute numbers are involved my brain goes into stress mode. I once downloaded an alarm app where the only way to turn off the alarm was to answer a math problem (sadistic much?) But I needed something different because I wasn’t waking up to my old one anymore. After three days of having to pry the battery out of my phone due to my inability to answer the problem, I deleted it.

9. I’m obsessed with scary movies/books. I used to love romantic movies but after awhile they’re all the same. Scary movies and books though have been a favorite forever. Even as a kid I watched the original Evil Dead with delight and the Poltergeist until nightmares were a common occurrence. And yet I stopped liking the color red because of dead whales… Whatever

10. I once worked at a Pet Salon and it made me loathe tiny dogs for a little while. I love animals, always have. So I thought working at a pet salon would be a perfect match. No. While they’re were plenty of moments that I loved, like being able to cuddle with different dogs, it didn’t make up for the biting. A lot of pets were fine but some were downright scary. Oddly I was only ever bitten by little dori. I understand because they were scared, they were in a totally unfamiliar environment, but it still sucked getting bitten every day.

There you have it! To be honest I was originally going to do 15 facts but I’m not that interesting so ten will have to do hahaha! But feel free to do your own post like this I would love to read it! Thanks for reading and as always Take Care of Yourself!! -Amber


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