Why I Hate Limited Edition Products & How You’re Getting Scammed By Beauty Companies

Limited edition products have went from being an occasional part of a company’s collection to an almost constant bandwagon that all of the brands have jumped on, much to my annoyance. Everything about limited edition bullshit irks me to no end. And while it might be a fun way to amp up an enthusiasts collection, for everyone else it has pretty much zero benefit.
First off is the definition of limited itself. Makeup, though fun, can be a bit exhausting and costly if you’re searching for the holy grail product you want the most. You delve into the many options and end up dealing with tons of duds and mediocrity. Now imagine you finally find THE ONE. Everything about the product is perfect, suits you, it’s like that shit was MADE for you. Then you find out it’s limited edition. Now you have two options: A) buy it in bulk, wasting tons of money, just so that you never run out (this is what the company is hoping for, by the way) or B) use that product as sparingly as possible to make it last and continue on your quest for the perfect, permanent, product. Honestly I think it’s stupid. If the product is as good as they’re hyping it to be then they’re missing out on HUGE potential repurchase sales. 

I am an average everyday consumer and I don’t have a massive stash of money just to buy makeup. In fact I don’t have a stash at all because of this thing called RESPONSIBILITIES. So when a costly product comes out that I want, I have to save up for it. But when I have less than a month to buy a product or else I miss out or have to shell out even more hard earned money on Ebay, fuck that. Sorry for the language but the whole idea of a company trying to force me to buy their product when they want me to sleeves me out. 

Here is what I as an average consumer believe. Limited edition products are a company’s surefire way to make a bunch of money at once. They hype the ever loving hell out of the product, send it to social media personalities to create buzz and the ‘I must have it’ effect. Then they sit on their sofa raking in the cash as millions wipe out their stock. Even worse is the very common scenario that the product isn’t even that good. So know you’ve spent money you reply couldn’t afford to spend on a product that you were convinced to buy. Surely if it’s such a big deal it must be good right? Wrong. The Power of Makeup palette got horrendous reviews by those who weren’t getting paid for their opinion. Too Faced palettes have gotten serious backlash over constant ‘limited edition’ palettes that are incredibly similar to other palettes they already have and everyone’s noticed the quality has turned to shit. Frankly, while I respect a company trying to make some money, I’m downright tired of these slimy marketing tactics. 

How do you feel about limited edition products? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading 💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜- Amber


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