DEODORANT as Makeup Primer?!? Trying this Crazy Hack

I have been on the hunt for some no-melt makeup for awhile now. The days are getting longer and hotter and while I may have dry skin, that doesn’t mean that I don’t sweat. And when sweat/humidity meet your makeup it’s typically a smudged, smeary, shiny mess. No thank you. The other day however I was scrolling through YouTube when I saw a video by guru Beauty Vixxen, who I love to watch for some great hack ideas. Upon reading the title two thoughts came to my mind. 1: …the fuck?…. 2: Damn, that might work. So after seeing how it went on her video (link is at the end of my post) I knew I had to try it for myself.
It worked great for her. I was shocked at how great her skin looked when she was all said and done with her makeup. And it was only after a vigorous workout that any shine appeared. I’d like to note that if you’re going to try this use a deodorant with anti perspirant in it. That’s what keeps you from sweating. Otherwise your face is just going to smell fresh. I feel utterly ridiculous typing this, about as much as I did when I applied deodorant to my face.

I used the Suave Clinical Strength Anti Perspirant/Deodorant after prepping my face with moisturizer as I usually do. After massaging it into my skin I couldn’t believe how smooth and soft my skin felt. It literally felt like the Benefit Porefessional Primer that I adore. I began to think this may just work. Applying product on top went fairly smoothly. Things blended extremely well except for one area by my chin that looked odd. After a few attempts at blending it out I took a makeup wipe and removed it before redoing that area with the deodorant as primer. That time everything went fine so I’m still unsure if it was due to the deodorant that affected it. Once I was completely done I headed to work.

I have a job where I’m up and moving constantly, hence my need for some no-melt makeup (or hacks). I checked on both my break and my lunch and then at the end of the night. Here are my results: 

At lunch my skin looked good, not as good but still good. There was a bit of shine but considering that was the busiest day I’d had at work in the two months since I started there, that was to be expected. On my break I noticed a few lines and some seperation… Everywhere. 

At the end of the night, after a long and busy 10 hour shift, my fiance picked me up. Upon getting into the car he looks at me quizzically. ‘Is it my face?’ ‘Yeah…what happened?’ ‘Don’t Ask’. Looking into a mirror confirmed my suspicion. Normally you would call that type of makeup mishap ‘fine lines or creasing’. No. There was nothing fine about this. The lines of separation were so deep that it looked as if I was porcelain that shattered then had contact with magma. Not cute. 

So you may be wondering why I had such different results than Beauty Vixxen and I have a few guesses. First, I used a different brand than she did and hers may have simply out performed mine. Second, a typical workout doesn’t last ten hours so me working such a long shift could have been a factor. Third, everyone’s different and what works for doesn’t always work for others. To see her video go here Beauty Vixxen and while you’re there check out her other awesome hack and beauty videos. She has such a sweet personality. And bomb makeup. 

Regardless of the results, I still had a lot of fun trying something crazy and off the wall. If you enjoyed it like this post and/or lemme know in the comments! Thanks for reading and as always, TakeCareOfYourself- Amber


5 thoughts on “DEODORANT as Makeup Primer?!? Trying this Crazy Hack

  1. If the deodorant has baking soda then I would strongly suggest avoiding it..Although youtubers provide with really great hacks and product reviews but who knows all of them are actually realistic..I am glad you atleast gave it a shot..

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    1. What does the baking soda do? I haven’t checked to see if the one I used did, but I’m curious, as I’ve made diy scrubs and such with it before. If it’s harmful I want to know haha. But yeah it was an interesting experience trying it out, I believe I’ll try more crazy hacks in the future, it’s always nice to find a gem amongst the duds.

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      1. Baking Soda is a great ingredient for deep cleansing and the fizz it creates makes it a very commonly used stuff in Spas Spa products and DIY but it also alkalising so if used on the face as a leave on product it can cause sensitivities. So, it is best to use baking soda as exfoliater, deep cleanser or spa treatments.

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