About Me


Hi! I’m Amber Curtis (soon to be Smith). I’m 22 years old and engaged to the man of my dreams, Michael Smith. I am a lover of the arts, rock music, and anime. I plan to use this platform to share information, inspiration, or just boredome-ease-alation haha I hope you enjoy my blog and find something here that interests you. You’ll find art product reviews and tutorials, makeup and SFX makeup reviews and tutorials, book/music/movie reviews, DIYs, etc etc. Soooo basically just about anything 🙂 I’m currently working a typical 9-5 type job (in the grocery store so yeah, I’m broke), but plan on eventually becoming a tattoo artist which is what I’m currently training to do. I like to relax with my honey and draw and play video games when were not busy walking our husky Prince13558837_153534831724119_5256910412656379347_o