20 Beauty Questions

Hey makeup lovers! I saw that the amazing BeautifyBrooke (go follow her blog and show her some love) did an awesome beauty Q&A and she said that she wanted everyone else to do the same! So, before I start, feel free to do the same post and tag us so we can see it! Spreading the love! So many exclamation points, aka too much coffee haha

1. What was your first makeup item? My grandma (Glamma, actually) gave me a giant all in one palette by some obscure brand and I was so excited. You best believe I applied, wiped off, applied each and every thing in there too.

2. What’s your favorite online-only brand? Hmmm… I’d have to say … None! I actually don’t buy makeup online often, I prefer seeing the product in person before purchasing.

3. Light, medium, or full coverage foundation? I used to be a full coverage queen but I actually recently quit wearing foundation altogether. I didn’t like the way it was making my skin look, and feel that my skin has improved a lot since then. 

4. What’s your favorite high end brand? Considering quality I would have to say Anastasia Beverly Hills. I haven’t heard of any scandal from them and they have some beautiful products.

5. What brand have you always wanted to try but haven’t? Lunatick Cosmetics! Their packaging is so cool and their contour book looks simply divine. They have a lot of cool toned options that are really unique. Unfortunately, I’m a bit broke.

6. Cheapest makeup product you own? Um, I really can’t answer that because I have a lot of $1 products like the Elf Eye Brightening Liner in Black and the L.A. Colors Eye-dorable palette. There! I answered twofold!

7. Most expensive makeup product you own? An Estee Lauder Eye-shadow palette that was $55 (my Glamma got it for me, hence the glam)

8. What makeup can you not leave the house without? Winged liner! I literally feel naked without it. Idgaf as long as my wings are sharp enough to kill a man 🙂

9. What is your most cherished makeup product? Unfortunately I am a fleeting person when it comes to makeup so this can change at any time but as of right now I am totally obsessed with the Rimmel Magnif’eyes Palette in London Nudes Calling. So beautiful!

10. Do you have a beauty budget? Hell yeah! I love makeup and whenever I can afford it, I get it. But often the shackles of responsibility get in my way.

11. How often do you shop for makeup? As often as I can! Like I said, sometimes I simply can’t afford it but when I can, I love sharing what I find with my readers!

12. Do you wear fake lashes? Nope. I just can’t bring myself to add yet another step to my extensive routine, but I would wear them for a special event or something.

13. What type of product do you own the most of? Eye-shadow. I, Amber Curtis, am a makeup-aholic obsessed with owning every color of the rainbow. 

14. What brands do you avoid? When there is a brand that is consistently involved in scandal, especially customer service related, I avoid them. LimeCrime and Kylie Cosmetics are two I never see myself breaking down and buying. It’s too risky, even if the products are good. 

15. Favorite place to shop? Ulta, I like that they have drugstore and high end. I like to find a high end product I’m interested in then search for a dupe in the drugstore section. So convenient 🙂

16. Favorite Bath & Body brand? While I don’t get to buy from them often I love Lush. They have such cool products that smell so so good. 

17. Favorite skincare product? High end- Tarte Maracuja Oil for great moisture, and it is multipurpose. Drugstore- St. Ives Apricot Scrub for great exfoliation and preventing breakouts.

18. If you could buy from one brand what would it be? If I was rich probably ABH, like I said they have great quality. Drugstore- It’s a tie between Elf and Wet n Wild. I can’t pick one! I’m human!

19. What brand has the best packaging? I have to say Kat Von D because I love the aesthetic, I’m learning to tattoo so I connect with it. But Too Faced was a close runner up because of the fairy tale vibes.

20. What are your top 5 favorite beauty gurus? It’slikelymakeup- she does amazingly unique looks; Jeffree Star- because he slays; Emilynoel83- because she’s super honest and has a lot of great drugstore recommendations; Kathleenlights- because she has such a sweet personality; Glam&Gore- because she speaks to my love of makeup and horror movies.

There it is! Hope you enjoyed reading and like I said, feel free to give it a go! Take care of yourself and Much Love- Amber


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